CITI tries to raise cash…PEBO to keep Kashkari on for TARP…(Congressional Critters Heads explode/snark off)

Well, this is unbelievably tone-deaf IMO. They are off their game at Camp PEBO…Congressional Dems (or GOP for that matter) cant STAND Kashkari or anything having anything to do with Paulson and the switch n bait anything but housing approach of TARP. It needs a new face, and Geithner and Summers ain’t new. Send Sheila Bair, we all love Sheila Bair :0)

From WSJ:

Timothy Geithner, President-elect Barack Obama’s pick for Treasury Secretary, has asked Neel Kashkari and James Lambright to remain with the Obama team for several weeks to assist with the transition, these people said.

The decision to keep two members of Treasury Secretary Henry Paulson’s team, even for a short period, could rile lawmakers angry over Mr. Paulson’s handling of the $700 billion bailout. The Obama administration is working to revamp the financial rescue and erase some of the stigma associated with the bailout.

Oops! no idea how that got in there, maybe b/c Prince John and Cousin Hiss remind me of Hank Paulson and Neel Kashkari…..(courtesy of Walt Disney and loubear)

Paulson and later the ever-polite, self-effacing henchman Kashkari (another Golden Slacks, I mean Goldman Sachs executive) who appeared on the Hill with absolutely no good reason why they would not implement Sheila Bair’s (of FDIC) housing plan…

Wow, really, this is in error. Just today Barney Frank was appearing on CNBC, see our video sidebar, talking about the implementation of new harsh requirements to access TARP Tranche Deux by the incoming Administration.

They were burned BAAAD in the long con by Hank and now they have to see Kashkari again? We need the damn thing to pass! Oh good gawd, anything Kashkari presents is going to be slammed down HARD by these Congress Critters and who the hell can blame them?

(more videos of Kashkari before Congress after the break)


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BIG 3 On the Hill and Detroit Rock City

FINAL UPDATE: CSPAN now has the video of the CEOs (Panel 2) up here

Panel 1 (Congress persons from affected states supporting auto TARP use) also up here

UPDATE 3: Maxine Waters, D-CA wants each of the BIG 3 CEOs to promise to dedicate 1 billion of the bailout to helping dealerships, Wagoner said well, we really need all that money (no), Nardelli, yada yada (Maxine says okay you agree), and Mulally says no, the FED actions will free up credit (but he won’t say no).

UPDATE 2: Gee, this is a hostile crowd even on the DEM side

Kanjorski, D-PA, just said to Wagoner, paraphrasing: “Maybe I’m an idiot but I don’t know what the hell you just said; can’t you just tell us how much you need to get through to March 30th..”

Frank chimes in, saying under bill they propose Obama appointees will have ability to VETO any use of the 25 billion they don’t like, WOW!!

Okay after listening to the testimony for a bit and the debates on CNBC I have to chime in and say NO SHXT THE HEALTHCARE IS THE PROBLEM! WTH didn’t you support Hillary’s healthcare in 93!!!

Okay I feel better now :0)

UPDATE: CNBC on ‘Soft Sell’ by Big 3, full page ad taken out in WSJ

watch it here

here is one for Detroit:

BIG 3 on the Hill:

Watch it live here


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