Travellin’ Tom Daschle or Been Around the World and He He He, He Don’t Pay His Taxes…….

Travellin Tom didn’t declare any of these jet rides, expense free vacations/’gifts’/international lobbying trips which at first glance certainly appear taxable and the IRS and Feds have been investigating the outfit for various other issues…in the immortal words of Cole Porter for Team Obama (who now play it in lieu of Hail to the Chief)…s’wonderul? s’marvelous? s’frakin ridiculous!…

It’s as if he deliberately set about violating every conceivable aspect of paying income taxes:f he took invalid charity deductions,  failed to declare as in kind payment gifts from charities he lobbied for-vacations and jet rides, failed to notice he hadn’t declared over 80,000 in ‘consulting’ (ie LOBBYING) income, didn’t declare the car/driver as income, didn’t pay the Medicare taxes on said driver….and the topper, he lobbied for pharma companies..PHARMA! How can you be head of HHS and not handle a conflict of interest there? it was within the past 2 years…

From WSJ:

People familiar with Mr. Daschle’s case said the question involves two flights he took aboard EduCap’s corporate jet to vacation destinations to speak with members of the board of directors of the Academy of Achievement, a related organization. In February 2006, Mr. Daschle flew to the academy’s annual retreat in the Bahamas. The next month, he flew with academy officials to Jordan, Egypt and Israel to scout out sites for the group’s international awards ceremony. While there, the delegation met with Jordan’s King Abdullah and Israeli minister Ehud Barack, said Daschle spokesman Jenny Backus.

Which part of this had to do with student loans exactly?

Under federal tax law, individuals involved with a charity aren’t allowed to take anything of personal value from the charity that isn’t connected to the charity’s core mission.


The Internal Revenue Service has examined whether EduCap, a Sterling, Va.-based nonprofit student lender, was following its charter. EduCap also faces a separate Finance Committee probe into whether the charity, which has spent money on an expensive jet, it abused its status as a charity.

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