Update: Passes 14-9 Health Care: Baucus about to pass bill out of SFC

2:54 pm EST: Passes out of SFC 14-9

Snowe only GOP vote for bill

Probably 14-9 or 13-10 of they count Lieberman as a Dem in the 13 Dems to 10 GOP ratio

Sen Kyl just revealed that the CBO score is based on a sheet of assumptions that SFC staff gave to CBO that are NOT voted on in Cmte. WTH!

Blanche Lincoln D NE indicates she will vote YES – big surprise, say goodbye to Blanche as she is booted out of office! Bob Beckel was on FOX a bit ago claiming she can keep her seat by voting yes for cloture to end debate on the bill (when it gets to the floor) and then vote no on passage when only 51 is needed to pass. Uhm no Bob, she is facing her constituents after this vote right here. That is enough to see where she stands.

Snowe R ME just said she will vote yes NOT a big surprise.

Well they are passing it. Let the truth and consequences begin. This should encourage healthy people to drop their coverage since insurers are now forced to cover them even if sick without the cushion of the universal mandate to spread the risk pool (no mandate until 2013). Totally counter-productive IMO.

2010 baby, it cannot come soon enough. AZ has a question on our 2010 ballot to protect us from the Federal mandates (in the event the opt out doesn’t make it into final legislation)

Let this be a lesson to those in American business who would deal with Team TOTUS. No deal is set in stone. Personally, I still await Billy Tauzin and big phaRma getting rolled, once they flip on that deal Seniors can reimport their rxs from Canada, and it will be sweet karma. Of course, Senior may find themselves on an American version of the NHS Liverpool Pathway soon enough anyway, God Bless.

Another apropos tune with the completely anti-health conscious Keith Richards, look at he and Ron smoking away, and they are living well today, go figure, rock on:

Jennifer Rubin on what’s to come:

As the New York Times reports, there is a jumbo fight brewing among Democrats over just how much they’re going to tax the middle class in the name of health-care reform. Senate Democrats want to tax so-called Cadillac health-care plans to pay for the gargantuan health-care bill, while House Democrats don’t think it’s a good idea to whack middle-class voters, and especially union members. Well, on this one, House Democrats have a point:


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