TSCC – Lover Not a Fighter promo – Derek – Notorious B.A.G.

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Bear McCreary’s Goodbye Message to TSCC fans here:

Everyone working on a series must walk the line between doing what they believe and are passionate about and doing something safe that will generate predictable ratings. The creators of this series (and I include myself and everyone else involved in this series in that group) went into unfamiliar dramatic territory here, delivering a dynamic series about multiple characters with complex arcs.

If Josh Friedman and the other writers delivered weekly scripts in which Sarah and John are chased by a different Terminator through various locales and escape narrowly before a big explosion… we might have lasted longer, it’s true.  But, that kind of mindless action show would be a series that has an audience, but not one that has fans. And of course, that kind of series would be constantly compared unfavorably to the Terminator feature films week in and week out, since we’d be retreading familiar ground on a much smaller budget.

No, we had to do something more interesting.  We instead made the show that we wanted to make, and that the fans wanted to see.  And we ultimately fell into an old trap, because mainstream audiences would rather watch “So You Think You Can Dance” then try to keep track of Future Derek, Present Derek, Alternate Future Derek and which one Present Jesse fell in love with.  Hell, when I put it that way… I think I understand why. :)..

However, as a fan of the show, I’d much rather take our season and a half of interesting, quality drama than five seasons of shit blowing up or reality shows….

Looking back at those creative highs, I wanted to pick out my top ten moments.  This proved impossible, so here are my FIFTEEN FAVORITE MOMENTS OF T:TSCC, both as a fan and as composer (spoilers ahead): (go to the link to Bear’s BSG blog for the rest!)

Josh’s Goodbye Message from  savethescc, which sort of ticks me off especially since I heard he pitched S3 with no Frakkin Cameron in it, almost as if he wanted the show to die, sigh:

one last thing from josh friedman.

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BSG: 4.17 Kara remembers All Along the Watchtower…

Courtesy of emkayde:

Kara “Starbuck” Thrace remembers All Along The Watchtower (or specifically the Final Four Theme),while playing at the piano with her imaginary father who told her the song when she was a child. From the episode “Someone To Watch Over Me”.
Music by Bear McCreary. Copyright by Universal Studios. No copyright infringement intended.


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