NY: Bloomberg – Thompson Debate

Unbelieveable! almost no questions about UNEMPLOYMENT!

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NYPost OpEd:

BY the end last night’s debate between incumbent Mayor Michael Bloomberg and challenger Bill Thompson, the city comptroller, we had the answers to numerous pressing questions. We knew if the candidates had ever had a manicure, where they stood on the Roman Polanski affair and whether they exercised regularly. But we still awaited the first adult discussion on our imperiled economy.

The economy came up only in passing, when the candidates referred to the homeless, crime or subsidized housing. Amazingly, none of the questions in the debate — sponsored by NY1 and radio station WNYC and held at The Museum of the Barrio — spoke to the looming economic and fiscal dangers ahead.

Unemployment went unmentioned, even though the city has lost 100,000 jobs since Wall Street tanked, sending our unemployment rate up to 10.3 percent — the highest level in 16 years.

Barring an entirely unexpected revival in hiring, that number will only go sharply higher as the financial sector continues to shrink and as the numbing effect of federal stimulus money wears off in a year and half — leaving the next mayor in the fiscal soup.

An alert challenger less concerned with pandering would have asked, as Thompson did not, why, even in the recent boom years, the city’s rate of job creation has been so far below the average of the last 30 years. And asked why so many of the jobs that have been created are either in low-end hospitality work or at city-subsidized health-care facilities….

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