Guilty 1 count- False Statements; Unleash the Blago ~ Verdict coming in

Blago GUILTY on ONLY 1 count (False Statements), deadlocked on 23 other counts, Shep Smith saying guilty on corruption in office…, ahh clarification, only 1 count which breaks into 2 acts, still only guilty on 1 count

Ace has the flaming Blago skull up as we await the verdict on the 2-3 counts the jury agreed on…Frankly I want Blago to walk, he didn’t do anything Obama didn’t do IMO, he just didn’t have ‘friends’ in high places snd he ran his mouth too much…shxt it’s practically a requirement in Chicago Politics the ole’ quid pro quo…

here’s hopin’ Blago gets off, it would be worth it just to see O and Shep Smith get pixxed….

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