Michelle Bachmann wins one against ACORN…

Awesome Rep. Bachmann! and Frank actually APOLOGIZED to ACORN, pathetic! From Politico:

Rep. Barney Frank (D-Mass.), who spent much of Wednesday battling the GOP over the bias crimes bill, is offering a big mea culpa for failing to kill an amendment by Rep. Michele Bachmann (R-MN since Politico wont tell you) preventing ACORN from getting federal funds because they have members who were indicted for voter registration fraud.  passed by the House.

“I made a mistake yesterday in not objecting to the Bachmann amendment. I did not read it carefully, and it was in the last minute that the amendment was accepted. It is a deeply flawed amendment and I am opposed to it,” said Frank, the chairman of the House Financial Services Committee.

“Banning people from possible participation in government programs based on an indictment is a violation of the basic principles of due process, and I intend to offer a corrected amendment when the bill comes to the floor of the House next week.”

No word from Barney Frank on how Stimulus Money was SPECIFICALLY legislated OUT of Blagos hands since he considers “banning people from possible participation in government programs based on an indictment is a violation of the basic principles of due process”. I guess only SOME bills need to meet the basic principles of due process….Maybe Rep Frank needs to speak to Rep Kirk and Rep Foster on their bipartisan amendment to strip Gov Blagojevich who was not even indicted at the time of power over stimulus funds!!!!



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Update: Quinn sworn-in…Blago impeached…Rod ‘Byron’ Blagojevich Speaks at Impeachment….

Update: Senate impeaches 59-0. Quinn has been sworn-in. May he serve the people of Illinois well.

Update 4: 12:45 pm EST: Blago just choked up talking about a woman who takes the train to work and the hours she works and her hard life…ah okay he is linking it to his policies and AllCare and how the actions he is charged with helped her life and her family’s life…and how he went around legislative gridlock and he confessed maybe he was frustrated and he pushed too hard and maybe he fights too much but it aint about him..charge it to my heart a desire to help families like I came from…

he says this sets a dangerous precedent for America, and how no wrong doing has been proven and his right to bring in certain witnesses was denied and what future Governors will face if he is thrown out of office under these circumstances..


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Blago Presser at 3:00pm EST…

Yes the Byronic Blago is Back!!

FOX will cover it LIVE


This morning in a 45 minute radio interview Governor Blagojevich indicated that ultimately at some point, he wants to call witnesses in his defense including Rahm Emanuel and Valerie Jarrett as well as JJ Jr…since he plans to boycott the Senate Impeachment perhaps that will ultimately happen in a criminal trial, should he be impeached…

You KNOW they are gritting their teeth in the WH…

From the Chicago Sun-Times:

The governor’s radio appearance kicked off what’s expected to be a media blitz that could include appearances on national news networks within the next several days. Blagojevich signaled he has no plans to show up in Springfield on Monday for the start of his impeachment trial if the rules don’t change.

The wide-ranging interview touched on everything from his profanity-laced tirades that were secretly recorded by the FBI (“I apologize for some of the profanity, but had I known they were listening I wouldn’t have used those words,” he said.) to his mental state (“I feel my mental state’s where it’s always been. You can judge whether or not that’s a good place or a bad place.”) to whether he feels betrayed by his friends and other Democratic politicians (“This experience is an experience in the human condition in a highly pressurized environment with big stakes involved. . . . There are several elements in an experience like this that’s painful and very unfortunate.”)…


Blagojevich reiterated statements he made yesterday that rules governing his trial are unfair and that he would like to call several witnesses to defend him, including White House Chief of Staff Rahm Emanuel and President Obama’s senior adviser Valerie Jarrett. He also said he’d like to call U.S. Rep Jesse Jackson Jr. (D-Ill.) and even U.S. senators Edward Kennedy (D-Mass.) and John McCain (R-Arizona), who he says had worked closely with him.

“Just let me bring my witnesses in to show people, and to have them under oath testify before the Senate, that I have not done anything wrong, and I’ve done most things right,” the governor said. “If they just give me a chance to bring witnesses, I’ll be there first thing Monday morning.”…

…”I think the fix is in,” he said “They’ve even put in a date where the trial is going to end. How can you do that if you’re going to be fair?…He also said, “I can be soldier in the fight for constitutional rights.”

the presser should be fascinating, Blago always is, I look forward to more poetry from the ‘soldier in the fight for constitutional rights’…Blago is taking no prisoners in interviews if this is any indication:

…On Mayor Daley, Cook County Board President Todd Stroger and House Speaker Michael Madigan (D-Chicago): The governor said raising cash for his campaign fund “was important because I knew from the beginning . . . that if I was going to be in a position to take them all on . . . then I needed to be in a position politically where I could afford . . . afford to say to Mayor Daley and Mike Madigan No, I’m not Todd Stroger. I’m not going to raise the sales tax because you guys have a bunch of precinct captains in county government. No, sorry, I’m not going to raise the income tax because the city of Chicago gets a portion of that and that would be unfair and burdening working people.”More on Stroger: “I’ll tell you why there’s a lot of business leaving Cook County. It’s because of Todd Stroger’s sales tax increase.”…

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Update: Video Added: Burris at airport: “I AM the Jr Senator from Illinois”

Burris just had an on the spot presser at the airport. He said 5 times, “I AM the Junior Senator of Illinois”. He is on his way to present himself to the Congress tomorrow.


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Update: Burris atty letter to Senate…Sun-Times reports Reid called Blago to put kaibosh on Jones, Jesse Jr or Davis for PEBO seat…


Update 2: Sunday, 9:00pm : BTD reports that Reid on MTP called Blago a liar and said he never made these calls and naysayed these three candidates. Well we know we have tapes. Knowing Reid’s complete tone deafness I think he said it, I don’t think he is a racist I think he is a classist, and a fool. I can’t wait to hear the tapes, the Senate trial for Blago in IL should be hillyarious!

UPDATE: Saturday, 1:00pm EST: Ben Smith has the .pdf of the letter sent by Burris’ counsel informing Reid, Durbin and Feinstein (as head of Rules Cmte) of his appointment and intention to join the Congress next week:

“I write to ensure his smooth transition,” writes Timothy Wright III, the lawyer, citing Marbury v. Madison as precedent, a case in President Thomas Jefferson tried to stop appointments made by his predecessor, John Adams.

“Since the U.S. Supreme Court decided Marbury v. Madison over 200 years ago, the law of the land has been that an appointment is complete and irrevocable once the last act required by the person vested with the appointment power is performed,” Wright argues.

Attached are the acknowledgment by the IL SoS office that Blago’s appointment of Burris HAS BEEN ENTERED INTO THE REGISTER BY THE SoS OFFICE..despite the refusal of White to countersign the appointment letter itself. The firm cites Marbury v Madison and the 17th Amendment as controlling.

I still think Burris is entitled to be seated. The IL state legislature FAILED MISERABLY in its duty to act. They failed to enact a special election, they failed to strip the Governor of the ability to appoint, they failed to impeach him for years now, THEY FAILED.

Done, they had their chance. This is a legally binding appointment that was made by a sitting Governor, who has NOT been indicted or impeached at the time of appointment and nothing in the appointment is suspect.

Once again we say it is FOOLHARDY, RASH, RECKLESS and frankly DANGEROUS to set a precedent under which the Senate takes upon itself the right to block or delay the seating of a duly appointed or elected Senator.


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Twofer Tuesday: For Blago!!: AC/DC….

As Blago calls Reid’s bluff, we dedicate this number to his ballsy move today …


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