CBC and ACORN decry human rights violations in AZ but see nothing wrong in Cuba….

So the CBC sees nothing wrong with CUBA’s human rights violations but they are launching a national movement against our Sheriff here in Maricopa County, AZ?

Gee HYPOCRITICAL MUCH? Go away Rev Al go far far away..

We have lost more jobs in AZ since the recession began than any state except Michigan. This will blow up in a bad way. Go help the Cubans Rev Al. To be perfectly clear, this is an attempt to suppress our local law enforcement and then come in with Census..yep.


…Did they by chance ask whether the Castros offer that kind of hospitality and friendship to people who just want to vote freely in open elections?  Or do they get thrown into prisons and accused of treason for their desire to have a representative democracy run Cuba instead of a military junta serving the dictators who suckered them into the meeting? Apparently not.  Supposedly, Democrats stand for human rights, but these Democrats went to a nation with one of the world’s worst records on human rights — and talked about Barack Obama….

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Update: Burris atty letter to Senate…Sun-Times reports Reid called Blago to put kaibosh on Jones, Jesse Jr or Davis for PEBO seat…


Update 2: Sunday, 9:00pm : BTD reports that Reid on MTP called Blago a liar and said he never made these calls and naysayed these three candidates. Well we know we have tapes. Knowing Reid’s complete tone deafness I think he said it, I don’t think he is a racist I think he is a classist, and a fool. I can’t wait to hear the tapes, the Senate trial for Blago in IL should be hillyarious!

UPDATE: Saturday, 1:00pm EST: Ben Smith has the .pdf of the letter sent by Burris’ counsel informing Reid, Durbin and Feinstein (as head of Rules Cmte) of his appointment and intention to join the Congress next week:

“I write to ensure his smooth transition,” writes Timothy Wright III, the lawyer, citing Marbury v. Madison as precedent, a case in President Thomas Jefferson tried to stop appointments made by his predecessor, John Adams.

“Since the U.S. Supreme Court decided Marbury v. Madison over 200 years ago, the law of the land has been that an appointment is complete and irrevocable once the last act required by the person vested with the appointment power is performed,” Wright argues.

Attached are the acknowledgment by the IL SoS office that Blago’s appointment of Burris HAS BEEN ENTERED INTO THE REGISTER BY THE SoS OFFICE..despite the refusal of White to countersign the appointment letter itself. The firm cites Marbury v Madison and the 17th Amendment as controlling.

I still think Burris is entitled to be seated. The IL state legislature FAILED MISERABLY in its duty to act. They failed to enact a special election, they failed to strip the Governor of the ability to appoint, they failed to impeach him for years now, THEY FAILED.

Done, they had their chance. This is a legally binding appointment that was made by a sitting Governor, who has NOT been indicted or impeached at the time of appointment and nothing in the appointment is suspect.

Once again we say it is FOOLHARDY, RASH, RECKLESS and frankly DANGEROUS to set a precedent under which the Senate takes upon itself the right to block or delay the seating of a duly appointed or elected Senator.


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Update: Bobby Rush appears at presser and endorses the appt…Blago appoints IL AG Roland Burris to PEBO Senate seat…


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