Dallas and Boerne Tea Party Videos…


Courtesy of reekonet:

the best signs at the Dallas Tea Party at City Hall, April 15th 2009. for more info go to


videography by  G.I. Woodshop, Inc., http://www.giwoodshop.com

“Elephants and Asses, Fleecing the Masses”

Keep watching, Boerne Tea Party starts at 1:20

Courtesy of runningwithscissors:

” Party like it’s 1776! “

” Who thinks it’s time we stop letting pork and pigs run our country? We the people! ”

” It’s time for the tail to stop wagging the dog! ”

” Let me keep my money and guns, you can keep the ‘Change’ ”

” Broke Oh-bummer. ”

” Change: What’s left after Taxes! ”

” Somebody stole my piggy bank… “

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