Obama does his Garbo impression: He vants to be alone…

I watch old Greta Garbo movies Mr Obama and you are no Greta Garbo…

Via Drudge, Team TOTUS orders press to leave TOTUS and his family alone while they are on vacation…gee he used to suck up all our tv time now he wants a break? What gives? Doesn’t he lurb the media anymore..


…the real message to those hoping to cover the president’s vacation is: really, we wish you wouldn’t….

Further, added press aide Katie Lillie, there will be no tolerating reporters using cellphones to call or text friends with the president’s latest movements on the island. Since the Vineyard has relatively few roads – and it’s easy to figure out how Obama would travel from one venue to another – those in the press pool must agree not to telegraph where he’s going.

Violators, she said, would be thrown out of the pool….(MiM here, reminds me of a scene in Caddyshack LOL!)

Listen, if he won’t allow them to REPORT what he is doing, then the journOlists SHOULD NOT BE THERE. It is now merely an  exercise in media schmoozing….

Tiffany courtesy of petesaob; Caddyshack scene courtesy of GoniSyme

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