Farrah, God Bless…

Farrah as Jill with her 70’s Mustang Cobra II*, and a Charlies Angel episode with Timothy Dalton and Farrah doing karate..God Bless, 62 way too young..


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TGIF! TV 1976..

This beats celebrity dancing with the unknown stars any day…

from muzikman74

and if you remember the one below, you likely saw the same weird scary movies I did after school!! Dont Be Afraid of the Dark scared the living hell out of me!! (OMG  I just found it on youtube , this baby is getting its own post!) And all the weird Hope Lange witch descendant movies too (if anyone knows the names of any of those give me a shoutout in comments please). I thought this was a frog when I was a kid, lol

and if you remember that, I KNOW you remember this:

Courtesy of AmusementFilms


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