WaPo: Chris Dodd (D-CT) expected to announce retirement Wednesday…

1/6 Update 8:34 am: CT AG Richard Blumenthal just announced on Squawk Box he WILL be running for Dodd’s seat. Hey, better Blumie than Dodd. Let’s hope it is harder for corpocrats to spin Blumie to being anti consumer after his many years of fighting FOR consumers in CT. And if you are in the GOP check out Rob Simmons also running for the seat. Blumenthal has a press conference scheduled for 230pm today in CT.

12:15am EST: WaPo breaking it…fingers crossed it’s true! Excellent!!

Dodd endorsing Obama after dropping out of the Dem primaries in 08. Laugh all the way to retirement you red faced AIG bonus giving frakker.

WaPo Chris Cilizza:

Conn. Sen. Chris Dodd expected to announce retirement, sources say Sen. Christopher J. Dodd (Conn.), a leading Democrat whose political star fell along with the nation’s economy, is expected to announce Wednesday that he has decided against running for reelection this November, according to sources briefed on the decision. Dodd, in his fifth term, chairs the Senate Banking Committee. His retirement would be the second such announcement by a Senate Democrat in 24 hours; North Dakota’s Byron Dorgan said Tuesday that he would not run this fall.

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WWE’s Linda McMahon running against Chris Dodd for CT Senate seat…

Should be fun! Dodd is IMO a real tool, (of the banking industry).

Courtesy of hpchuckyc


Linda McMahon, the chief executive officer of the World Wrestling Entertainment, is adding a brand new wrinkle into the Connecticut Senate race.  She announced her campaign today and is pledging to spend her fortune on the race.

“I have spent the past 30 years growing what began as a 13-employee small business into a publicly traded, global entertainment company that now provides over 500 jobs here in Connecticut,” McMahon said in a statement. “I understand what it takes to balance a budget, create jobs and grow the economy.”

McMahon said she won’t be accepting PAC money or individual donations of more than $100, meaning her campaign will be predominantly self-financed..

She is bringing in big guns to run the campaign:

…In Connecticut, Republicans have to win a critical 15 percent threshold at a Republican convention filled with GOP activists before they can move onto the primary ballot — and that could be challenging for an outsider like McMahon to accomplish.

But as Chris Cillizza notes in today’s Fix, McMahon has also brought on board an A-team of Republican consultants – with Scott Howell and Associates handling media and former NRSC political director Mike Slanker serving as the general consultant. Former NRCC press secretary Ed Patru will be handling the same role with her campaign…


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