Clint Eastwood made commander in France’s Legion of Honor…(and he did not bow)

No bowing by Clint.



American screen icon Clint Eastwood was made a commander in France’s prestigious Legion of Honor on Friday.French President Nicolas Sarkozy presented the 79-year-old actor and director with the decoration, honoring his body of work, his longevity and his ability to delight audiences around the globe, according to the award citation.

Former French President Jacques Chirac had honored Eastwood as a knight of the Legion of Honor two years ago, and Friday’s decoration was a step up for Eastwood to grade three on the legion’s five-grade scale….

…Sarkozy bantered with Eastwood and asked the American how he managed to stay so fit. Sarkozy, 54, was hospitalized earlier this year after collapsing while jogging.

“You have to admit that there is a side about you that is a little annoying,” Sarkozy said. “Physically, how do you do it?”

Napoleon Bonaparte created the legion in 1802. It recognizes military, cultural, scientific or social contributions to France, including by people who are not French citizens.

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The Gauntlet: Circa 2009…

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Greatest Generation Now:

People protest President Barack Obama's health-care plan at a rally at Lincoln Park in Grand Junction, Colo., on Saturday, Aug. 15, 2009 AP

People protest President Barack Obama's health-care plan at a rally at Lincoln Park in Grand Junction, Colo., on Saturday, Aug. 15, 2009 AP

Please get out to a Health Care Recess Rally today at noon outside your local Critters office


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Economic Stimulus Update: AZ stimulus showdown: Political Dueling for a Fistful of Dollars or a Few Dollars More

govbrewerOur GOP branches are arguing and trying to throw each other under the bus over the stimulus here in AZ.

The State Legislature accuses the Governor of having deliberately cut the most ‘sensitive’  areas of services  to arouse voter anger and pushback so that the GOP legislature will be unable to fight her secret wish to take lots of money from Team Obama.

The Governor says not I! I merely began making the cuts you legislators legislated….

and the “really good news” they reported as a headline in our local media is that now that our Unemployment rate has jumped to 7.01% we are eligible for even more federal handouts! Gee it’s great to have your economy collapse! Let’s all be unemployed! What is wrong with these people?!

East Valley Tribune:

Republican lawmakers are off base in criticizing agency chiefs for cutting services to the poor, Gov. Jan Brewer said Wednesday.

Brewer told Capitol Media Services it should have come as no surprise that the Department of Economic Security, the Department of Health Services and the Arizona Health Care Cost Containment System all announced that they would be eliminating certain programs. That followed mandates by the Republican-controlled Legislature to each of those agencies to cut spending by millions of dollars to help balance the state budget.

Senate Majority Whip Pam Gorman, R-Anthem, was particularly critical of the cuts by DES. That agency reduced by 1,100 the number of beds in homeless shelters it would fund and eliminated services for 5,000 people who are developmentally disabled.

DES also eliminated subsidized child care for 20,000 low-income families, a cut that Brewer restored Wednesday.

“When you are taking cuts that look to any observer to be the last place that you should be looking for cuts and actually it’s on your first pass, you have to think to yourself, why would they do that?” Gorman said. “So our only guess is that it’s politically motivated – not politically in the terms of Republican versus Democrat – but in terms of creating a grass-roots campaign if you will to stave off any cuts.”


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