Tea Party Patriots: 8/1 Columbus, OH rally draws thousands…

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Columbus Dispatch (making local papers now) via Instapundit:

…Organized by the Ohio Liberty Council, people arrived by the busload and expressed anger over issues such as taxes and government intrusion.

Some collected signatures in hopes of eliminating Ohio’s estate tax with a 2010 ballot initiative. Many wore or carried messages with them, such as a sign that read, “Grow your own dope plant a politician.”

“I want the right to drive a gas-guzzler and choose my own health care,” said Amy Chauvette, 45, of Toledo, who held a sign that read, “America home of the free? Not lately.”

“Government is losing sight of what they are really there for. They are not there to run car companies or health care. They are there to keep this country free.”

The featured speaker, Andrew Napolitano, a New Jersey Superior Court judge and a Fox News commentator, got the crowd into a “freedom” chant and blasted the expanded government authority and lack of oversight contained in the Patriot Act.

“Remember, the government hates freedom. It is an obstacle to what everyone there desires,” said Napolitano, whose speech ended with Twisted Sister’s We’re Not Gonna Take It blasting from the speakers.

Though there was plenty of anti-Obama sentiment in the crowd, speakers took aim at both parties.

Liberty Council co-founder Mike Wilson asked everyone to punch the numbers of U.S. Sens. Sherrod Brown and George V. Voinovich into their cell phones.

“If they have voice-mail, I suggest you blow them up today.”…

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Tea Party Update: OH – Saturday, March 14th and AZ Tax Day Tea Party planning underway….

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OH update from Shots on the House:

Attending the Columbus Tea Party? Join the Facebook Event and invite your friends!

I’m proud to announce that I’ve been busily organizing a “Columbus Tea Party”, a grassroots event to protest Governor Strickland’s plans with the stimulus money, with the folks from the Ohio chapter of Americans for Prosperity. I just received final word that the permit requests are in, the organizing is well underway, and we can announce the following “official details” about the event:

Who: Americans for Prosperity, College Republican Groups, ShotsontheHouse.com, and grassroots activists from across the state of Ohio
When: Saturday, March 14th, 2009 at 11 AM
Where: Capital Square (The Statehouse) in Columbus, Ohio
What: A Tea Party Protesting Governor Strickland’s Stimulus Plans and Fee Increases
Why: Because the Governor’s plan is to take one-time money and dig us into a whole of future debt. The bad bill that came out of Washington is going to lead to bad policy here in Ohio, and we want to voice our dissent

With word out that our friends in Southwest Ohio will be holding an event on Sunday the 15th, we decided we’d push forward with a Saturday event in Columbus to really give the state of Ohio a shot in the arm. We’ll be looking forward to meeting tons of concerned Ohioans, who are encouraged to bring signs protesting the Governor’s plan to dig us into a bigger hole with stimulus money, protesting his fee increases, and protesting Ohio taking money from this moronic “econonomic recovery package” which has done nothing but send the market into freefall.

If you would like more information, feel free to contact me, or just watch this page, http://www.shotsonthehouse.com/teaparty for more information on this grassroots event. Bloggers like Michelle Malkin and Glenn Reynolds have been covering tea party events across the nation, so stop by their sites, thank them, and enjoy their coverage. Also make sure to read up on what Americans for Prosperity is doing nationwide to fight this good fight. See you Saturday the 14th!

Check out Tax Day Tea Party for info on upcoming events in April!

AZ update from Publius Pundit:


Date: Wednesday, April 15, 2009
Time: 11:00am – 1:00pm
Location: El Presidio Park fountain, by City Hall, in Downtown Tucson
Street: 160 W Alameda St — View Map
City/Town: Tucson, AZ

Another event is also planned for either the 18th or the weekend after. Stay tuned!

Facebook Group: Arizona Tea Party
Facebook Event: Tucson Taxpayer Tea Party Protest


In progress. Please contact Tom Jenney at Americans For Prosperity, Arizona, for more information.

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