Breaking: Sheila Bair to stay on at FDIC–HOORAY!!!

Sheila Bair - FDIC Chief

Sheila Bair - FDIC Chief

We LOVE Sheila Bair here at MiM, if Paulson or Geithner or Bernanke had listened to Sheila we would have had mods underway for a year or more by now…they continuously refused her requests that TARP funds be used to fund an FDIC housing plan despite the repeated requests by Congress that they do so…

Barney Frank (D-MA) and Maxine Waters (D-CA)have gone to town on Kashkari for this refusal to implement Chairwoman Bair’s plans and we are sure they had her back in this appointment, (see Waters on our video wall)  (she has butted heads with Tim Geithner the incoming Treasury Secretary over the Citibank attempt to buy Wachovia so there is bad blood there….)

We are ECSTATIC that she is staying on at FDIC..

Read more about Chairman Sheila Bair in our previous posts on her work at FDIC, her incredible bio, and her mort mod plans in our previous posts here and here and here

FDIC BIO of Sheila C. Bair

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The New Stimulus: Inauguration Day…Economic Team:Melody Barnes to lead on policy…


UPDATE: 12:15PM EST: The President-Elect has named Melody Barnes, of the Center for American Progress, the head of his policy council (happy dance). Ms. Barnes did a column in WaPo 2 years ago reflecting upon what a truly progressive POTUS might say at a SOTU address, it is well worth a look for some insight into the future direction of our policy:


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