SDCC ’11 : Supernatural Panel

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Supernatural Season Finale ‘Swan Song’ Sneak Peek 2

I love the way the writers built out the 5 year arc and I LOVE the way they are living up to the apocalyptic showdown. Jensen Ackles has been giving some really powerful performances and I hope Swan Song gives Jared Padalecki a chance to let his Sammy shine..

And I really love that we are getting a Season 6, CW is the best network at this point, they reward their fan base and create loyalty, fer realz. FOX, ABC observe Dawn Ostroff at CW and learn!

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Update: Dollhouse ratings tank again, hit season low: drops 20% from last episode; Smallville ties ABC for third place, hits season high…

Update: Promo for December epis, Summer! 2.5 The Public Eye, 2.6 The Left Hand:

Update: Just caught last night’s Dollhouse ‘Belonging’ on FoxonDemand. Have to agree with SciFiWire (link below) it was the best of the season so far. Sadly Joss aired absolute dreck in his first few episodes this season and has now lost the eyeballs. Next time you get a golden chance from a network and are brought back from the dead use it wisely!

SciFiWire: A first look at guest star Summer Glau (left, with Eliza Dushku) from the upcoming episode "The Left Hand"

SciFiWire: A first look at guest star Summer Glau (left, with Eliza Dushku) from the upcoming episode "The Left Hand"

Last night was supposed to be one of the ‘good’ episodes too, per SciFiWire..Kind of sucks that Summer has not even made her first appearance yet and cancellation is in the air, but Joss wasted his first few epis this season (ESPECIALLY the breast feeding epi, ugh!) and now Dollhouse ratings are in the tank..

THR Live Feed:

(…)In its final episode before its sweeps hiatus, “Dollhouse” (2.1 million, 0.8) was down 20% in the demo from its last episode two weeks ago.I’m hesitant to make any declarations about the fate “Dollhouse.” Though I broke the news last season that Fox was renewing the show, that decision surprised me as much as anybody. So keeping in mind that in this new wacky ratings universe broadcast shows drawing under a 2.0 are getting renewals, it is really tough to see “Dollhouse” continuing beyond the current episode order.

Good news for “Smallville” (2.5 million, 1.1) fans, though. The show matched last week’s season high (which also held up in the nationals, btw). That means The CW tied ABC for third place at 8 p.m. (18-49 is not their sales demo, but they still keep an eye on it). Regardless of the network’s mixed feelings about “Smallville,” any show that gets the network out of fifth place among the industry’s standard measurement is tough to ignore. So after climbing significantly to reach season highs for two weeks in a row, does that mean it’s time to update The Live Feed’s TV Series Survival Status Report? I think so…..

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SciFiWire: CW confirms Smallville may get Season 10! and Supernatural looking good for “a long time”also!! Plus inside scoop on Season 5 of Supernatural from Castiel and Bobby…

CW is really shaping up to have a kick axx yr this year and I hope they keep Smallville for S10! and more Supernatural, oh yeah baby! So we have Vampire Diaries, Smallville (now on Friday), Medium is on CBS so two good alternatives for Fridays to stoopid FOX whom I am boycotting for killing TSCC , yeah I’m bitter and I’m clinging to the boyz on CW now 🙂

Click for smallvillebuzz...

Notice CW Entertainment is run by a woman, yeah I know I’m a chauvinist ha! or maybe she is just in touch with WHAT THE FANS WANT! What a novel frakkin approach! so unlike, say…. FOX!

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Dawn Ostroff, president of entertainment for The CW, confirmed that the network’s not quite finished with Smallville, though it’s been reported that the upcoming ninth season might be its last.

“I hope it’s not the last season,” Ostroff told reporters at the Television Critics Association summer press tour in Pasadena, Calif., today. “I think the producers have done a great job coming up with really good storylines this year, but I do think the show still has a lot of life yet to it.”

Smallville moves to Fridays this fall, when Ostroff wants to use the long-running series to anchor a new night of programming (WWE Smackdown previously ruled The CW on Fridays). “This is the first year we’re actually migrating all of our viewers to Friday night,” Ostroff said. “We felt the best way to open up Friday night was with a big established hit like Smallville.”

Ostroff is also holding the door open for the return of Michael Rosenbaum, who played Lex Luthor for several seasons but recently left the show. “I wouldn’t rule it out, but I don’t know if it will happen this season,” she said. “I don’t know if we really actually had a conversation with Michael, but I think the idea was to keep the character alive and make his presence really felt.”

Supernatural, which was Smallville‘s companion series on Thursday nights, also continues to go strong. “We hope Supernatural will go on,” Ostroff said. “Eric Kripke’s done a great job with the show. Creatively, the show has gotten stronger every year. The cast is wonderful, so we’re hopeful it will stay on the air for a long time.”

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SciFiWire on inside scoop on Supernatural Season 5, go read the whole thing!!

The first thing I tuned in for was to see Dean from Gilmore Girls, lol. But the MUSIC and the CAR hooked me and then the great writing and the awesome fun of it all, with great acting by Jared and Jensen. The total package 🙂 Eric Kripke and I clearly have the same CD collection. These guys are the guys I hung out with with Supernatural stuff thrown in, same cars, same tunes, same badaxx attitude. LOVES IT.

…Collins confirmed he will be a season regular for the fifth season and that the notoriously emotion-challenged Castiel will align himself with Team Winchester. “I think it’s safe to say that I am with them,” Collins admitted with a pause. “Well, it’s not that simple, really, because we are angry at each other. But I think we have the same end in mind, but maybe we have different ideas of how to get there.”

That end would be ultimately keeping the demons of hell and Lucifer at bay. Collins said he has no idea if that is even feasible. “Basically, at this point, Sam and Dean screwed up and triggered the apocalypse,” he said. “Now it’s a matter of trying to reverse the process or mitigate the damage. The apocalypse is unfurling, and now we are hunted by both angels and demons. I think last season felt like at least the angels were our allies to fall back on, and now we don’t have that. It’s just a handful of people fighting all of the most powerful beings in the universe.”…

And Bobby has some shocking new twists and turns that even Jim does not fully get yet, sounds radical! Continues after the break:


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SDCC ’09: The Vampire Diaries – Ian Somerholder…

Our previous posts on The Vampire Diaries here

Courtesy of FEARnet:

Twilight and True Blood not enough to slake your thirst for hot- er, cold hunky vampires? Get ready for this new series from the CW, with its special breed of daywalking bloodsucker.

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CW – The Vampire Diaries – Written in Blood…

More promos for this Fall from CW:

Song: “Help I’m Alive” by Metric.


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CW Fall Schedule: Vampire Diaries…

SciFiWire reports CW pairing the Vampire Diaries up with Supernatural for Thursday nights. Kewlin’

And from ladywarrioralianna:


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