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‘Jonah Hex’ Trailer…


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Report: Ryan Reynolds lands Green Lantern role….


Our previous posts on Ryan as Deadpool here and here

SciFiWire has it from THR:

A day after The Hollywood Reporter said that three actors were vying for the coveted title role in The Green Lantern, it reports that one has prevailed: Ryan Reynolds, whom Warner Brothers has settled on as its choice to play Hal Jordan. The film is being directed by Martin Campbell and produced by Donald De Line and Greg Berlanti.

Here’s what the trade paper reported Friday night:

Reynolds and his camp entered negotiations for the part Friday, after the studio held two rounds of screen tests, along with actors Bradley Cooper and Jared Leto. Justin Timberlake also did a screen test.The studio had holding options on the actors, but, except for Reynolds, those expired Monday. Reynolds’ option would have expired end of day Friday.

…He recently appeared as Deadpool in X-Men Origins: Wolverine, and the character is in development for a spinoff movie. Fans of the Blade franchise also recall Reynolds role as Hannibal King.



…The story of an intergalactic lawman armed with a green power ring,”Green Lantern,” is slated to be directed by Martin Campbell and scheduled to start filming in January. That would potentially put Reynolds in the strange position of potentially facing off against himself at the multiplex with both potential blockbusters scheduled for 2011.

Cooper had been coming off his breakthrough role in the box office hit, “The Hangover,” which grossed $210 million and counting for Warner Brothers. Timberlake is no slouch, himself, with turns in movies like “Alpha Dog” and “The Love Guru,” but news of his screen test for the Green Lantern movie drew online grumbling from comic book fans.

But neither packed the box office punch that Reynolds has enjoyed recently, with “The Proposal” leaping over the $100 million mark in a single bound and “Wolverine” hauling in $178.5 million at the box office this summer….

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FOX picks up Human Target: Will it be paired with TSCC or Dollhouse?


Come on TSCC!

Newsarama Blogs:

..Fox has given Human Target a go as a new fall series based on the strength of the pilot. The show, based on a DC, and later Vertigo comic, will be the second try for a TV version of the story. The first try lasted only seven episodes and will likely not be referenced in this version. Mark Valley is starring as Christopher Chance, the titular character, and will be supported by Jackie Earle Hayley and Chi McBride.

No word yet on how many episodes will be ordered or when the show will air.


It will be interesting to see what other show the series is paired with, as the fate of both Dollhouse and Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles, two series that might be naturals, are up in the air. Fox’s other sci-fi series, Fringe, has already been given a full second season order.

Hollywood Reporter later confirmed the news….

AirlockAlpha is reporting at least one FOX Executive wants to pair Dollhouse with Human Resistance on Monday nights. I call BULLSHIT!!!! TSCC was doing GREAT on Mondays!!! Mondays belong to TSCC dammit give it back! Frakkers!!!!

The ratings were never all that good, but that might not stop Fox from ordering a second season of “Dollhouse.”

Despite all the proclamations that the show is as good as dead, especially since its season finale’s ratings rivaled that of what was found on The CW, it seems that Fox isn’t ready to fully shut the door just yet.

Series star and executive producer Eliza Dushku told her Twitter followers Tuesday afternoon that not only has Fox not made a final decision on her show, but they’re still talking about.

“‘Dollhouse’ talks are goin’ on,” Dushku wrote. “It’d be an extravaganza bonanza to return” for round two.

A couple hours later, Dushku added a second note saying “this innocent Tweeting sure does travel … keep spreading my words, guys. I’m on the road and need my Browncoats,” referring to fans of another Joss Whedon series that many fans believe was canceled too soon, “Firefly.”


…Finally, at least one executive is rumored to be in love with a possible Monday night pairing of “Dollhouse” and a show the network is said to be picking up, the DC Comics-based “Human Target,” which could attract similar audiences. That show is based on the comic series that debuted in 1972 from Len Wein and Carmine Infantino, where a private detective can take on the personalities and skills of his clients.


Don’t get your hopes up too high. The chances are still not good for a “Dollhouse” pickup, but it seems fans aren’t ready to read its eulogy until Fox makes an official announcement, expected later this week.

TVBytheNumbers continues to bash any renewal chances for all the shows that generate BUZZ!

But does “Dollhouse” even have a chance? The people at TV By The Numbers say no, with writer Bill Gorman as late as last week saying there’s “no drama at all in Fox’s renewal announcements.”

“I mostly see the talk is just that, talk,” another writer for the site, Robert Seidman, said in a post April 27. “TV is a sales business, and positive spin/putting lipstick on the ratings (as opposed to quality) pigs seems the rule rather than the exception. It’s just in their DNA.”

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