Brooks Brothers introduces ‘Mad Men Edition’ suit

I know a LOT of people who love this suit. Variety has more:

Brooks Brothers carries the Mad Men Edition suit, with costume designer Janie Bryant clearly credited…Bryant’s deal with Brooks Brothers has given her fellow designers some hope for the future.

“I’m certain, wisely, the producers saw that it was an advantage, not a disadvantage, to have to a costume designer linked to the clothing line — to use the costume designer for publicity,” Appel says. “It’s such a win-win. Who knows the character better than the costume designer?”

“Janie Bryant is the exception to the rule,” Lawrence adds.” That is a grand step forward.”

In the past, audiences would see a film because the costumes were created by superstars Adrian, Theadora Van Runkle, Helen Rose or Edith Head….

I LOVE all the clothes Edith Head designed in every film she worked on!

…Style guru Cameron Silver concludes: “Because Janie Bryant is getting personal acclaim right now, other studios might see the opportunity to make money. Studios have forgotten that they could be developing household names for their costume designers.”

Edith Head Designer, and Grace Kelly in Rear Window. When do we ladies get some of these incredible clothes remade! This may not work with Team Obama's new 'lower standard of living for the US consumer'!!

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