Twofer Tuesday: Babs and Donna Summers / Enough is Enough / Macarthur Park

Someone left the SOUFFLE out in the rain! Obama is Epic Fail. enough is enough when even BABS is skipping the fundraisers you appear at…

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On the Radio: Air America bashes TOTUS; Obama takes calls on Smerconish to bump health care plan…

A progressive says he is afraid Obama’s knees are getting weak and the best TOTUS has got is ‘they called FDR a socialist too?” ? Then he says it is a GOP conspiracy when he has both houses!? Oh boy. Imagine how the lady feels who sold her TV to avoid Obama only to hear him on her radio? lol, poor woman!

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And Air America is taking him down over the RX sell out? And WTH does ‘wee weed up’ mean?

Courtesy of RedState:

Vodpod videos no longer available.

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