PEBO Presser & Market Wrap

Update: PEBO now speaking LIVE in presser and energy announcements. Look for Q/A on Blago and Big 3..

PEBO confirming Lisa Jackson for EPA, she has received strong criticism on her tenure in the role in NJ..

Dr Chu just quoted William Faulkner on the endurance of man and man’s ability to prevail, very nice..

Oh dear Lisa Jackson just referenced environmental justice..if she cleans up Superfund sites that would be great..ENFORCE the law dudes..I don’t agree with Gov Corzine’s privatizing of clean up contracts to companies that did the polluting as referenced in the Politico piece on Jackson above…

this group on the stage certainly has a LOT to live up to on Energy…perhaps the ‘sunlight’ glare of the Green community on their actions and their promises will get more meaningful stewardship from Jackson than she exhibited in her role in NJ…get it, huh? sunlight, yuk yuk yuk..

Obama 2008

DOW closed down 65 to 8564; NAS down 32 to 1508 and S&P down 11 to 868..

POTUS arrived back in D.C., perhaps we will have word about the auto bridge loan..

Tomorrow look for the FED statement that accompanies the widely expected .50 bp rate cut to be parsed to death..

What ‘new’ news can it bring at this point?,

‘yes Virginia there is a recession..every good indicator is down in every FED region and every bad indicator is rising in every region. We suggest bold action..more on that to come..but trust us, we’re economists we know what we’re doing!’

(h/t Richard Benjamin in ‘Love at First Bite’-‘Trust me, I’m a doctor I know what I’m doing!”)

hilarity with no sense of PC-ness whatsoever, that was a great spoof film- Dracula’s castle was nationalized by the Communists and he relocates to hit every stereotype known to man (and woman)



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