Sarah on running (and rock!)….


Too good not to steal, over at Ace HQ, an article on Sarah from Runners’ World

Do you listen to music during your runs?
I go through cycles there, too. Right now I’m not listening to anything but probably in a month or two I’ll start craving music. That’s the way it’s been for the 35 years. Parts of the year I want to listen to something, parts of the year I don’t. When I do listen, I crank up old Van Halen, old AC/DC

Song change!! Ricky on the Ace thread points out the perfect song for this post:

*Song courtesy of redbirdfan126:

From the 1984 album. I’d like to take the time to say Fuck You, WMG. That is all.

Oh yeah baby, I knew this woman was fabulous, there she goes confirming it again, listens to classic hard rock and quotes Plato, runs miles and miles, I think she’s awesome… :0) h/t pajamamomma for the quote

…But the most precious experience I’ve had running was a few summers ago when I was training for a marathon and my son Track—and I named him Track for running—would drive out in front of me and plant water bottles along the route. I felt so spoiled, like the queen of the running world to have a kid who was all cool with his pickup truck, dropping off water for me on my long runs. And he’d put a note on the bottles, saying, “Love you, mom” and “Run hard, mom.” It was just the most precious summer of my life to have that and then to cap it off with an all-time marathon best [3:59:36]. I wouldn’t trade it for anything in the whole world….


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