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Airtime: Tues. Mar. 3 2009 | 5:45 PM ET Jim Rogers, chairman and CEO of Duke Energy, and CNBC’s Larry Kudlow discuss whether a carbon cap and trade system is a solution or a problem.TAXES TAXES EVERYWHERE!!!

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More on ‘Decoupling’ Utility Billing

The Amendment to remove this ‘decoupling’ from the Stimulus Bill passed the Energy Cmte but was ‘removed’ from consideration by the ROOLZ Cmte, (ugh ROOLZ CMTE, gives all of us a flashback to the horror of the May 31 RBC doesn’t it?) Anywho under Pelosi’s new ROOLZ, they have total control over what is offered so the Amendment never even got to the floor..result- Decoupling utility rates from usage IS in the bill as passed by the House…call your Senators!!

From The Citizens Action Coalition of Indiana:

Electric Utility Decoupling

Duke Energy has hijacked the stimulus bill by successfully lobbying for the inclusion of an amendment regarding the decoupling of electric rates. (See Wall Street Journal website: amendment presents a veiled attempt at another corporate bailout. The concept of decoupling results in taking most of the savings ratepayers receive from energy efficiency in the form of reduced utility bills and handing the vast majority of those savings over to utility companies.

What Duke’s Amendment Does:
Duke Energy’s amendment ties energy efficiency block grants to states to the governor of a state telling the federal government that he/she will seek favorable rate treatment for utilities in the form of decoupling. In other words, if the governor is not willing to sell ratepayers out, the state will not receive money to assist homeowners and businesses in reducing their energy bills and saving money.

Why Duke’s Amendment Must be Removed:
There is nothing more important to the middle class now than the concept of affordability. It is obviously clear that issues once considered the realm of low-income families are becoming middle class issues. People can’t afford their health care insurance or bills, their mortgages, retiring, the kids’ educations etc, — and Democrats decide to hand windfall profits to rich utility companies??

It makes no sense whatsoever to convert ratepayer savings into utility profits under the current circumstances. It makes absolutely no sense to tie energy efficiency block grants to states under the stimulus package to utility malfeasance.

Please Take Action Today!

Please call your Congressperson ((202) 224-3121) and Henry Waxman ((202) 225-3976), chair of the House Energy and Commerce Committee.

  • Urge them to use at least 50% of the transportation funding for public transit.
  • Urge them to remove the decoupling amendment so that residential and business ratepayers are not punished for saving energy.
  • Tell them that affordability of utility bills is paramount to people keeping their homes and maintaining slim profit margins for small businesses.
  • Tell them that decoupling is a slap in the face to people who have been suffering for years under financial duress.
  • Tell them that decoupling is not in keeping with the President’s message of positive change for the people but, instead, reinforces continued corporate high jacking of our economy and incomes on behalf of short term profit motive.

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Update..Stimulus Hidden Gem: ‘Decoupling’ Billing Model for Electricity for Consumers…does NOT go by usage…


Update: Okay, it’s called ‘decoupling’  BWAAAHAAAA!!! Anyone that follows the street can tell you how the last ‘decoupling’ theory went. HA!

(they said the US was decoupled from the global markets when we US consumers tanked beginning in 05 and they were fiddling while Rome burned, turns out..not so much and we took the global economy down with us, cause it is apparently STILL the American consumer that turns the world’s economies)

Anywho apparently the NRDC (of which I am a member), thinks it’s just the cats pajamas and CA does it this way yada yada yada. Okay and CA also isn’t sending out tax refund checks cause they have no money so don’t sell me that way.


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