Health Care Update: New Medicare Advisory Council in WH to call the shots on reimbursement..House Bill OUTLAWS new Private Insurance..

Update 5: Ace has word a deal may be reached thanks to the AMA endorsing the Obama Rangel plan. Good Gawd, like the AARP they have sold their members down the river….we are up the creek and down the river…we’re Rollin, rollin, rollin, rollin, rollin down the riverrrrr, and we dont have paddles…….

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A commenter on Ace clarifies the prohibition of private policies in the House bill:

128 Ace,

The deal with the grandfathering is that, yes you can keep your old plan but any new private policies written after this crap sandwich kicks in will basically have to mimic the public option. They’re putting in all sorts of new regulations that are the framework of the public option, and the regulations will apply to all private plans going forward. Only difference is that the public plan administrators have the benefit of being able to dictate how much they will pay to the doctors and hospitals and will avoid taxes at all levels (cause we all know the government won’t tax itself), whereas the private insurance companies do not have the luxury of doing either.

So, basically, if you lose your old private plan you can choose between the crappy government plan that you’re being taxed out the wazoo for, or you can pay out of your pocket for a “private” plan that’s exactly like the crappy government one (that you’ve already payed into). That is, if you even qualify for the government plan. Last I saw the cut-off for singles was $40K per year income and families was somewhere around $75K. So these “privileged” folks will be stuck not only paying for the public plan via their tax dollars, but also forced to buy private insurance on top of it or pay a fine for not having insurance because they don’t qualify for the public plan.

Nice, huh.

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Update 4: Rep Joe Barton R-TX on the health care bill

Update 3: Message from the Tea Party Patriots, go find your local Health Care Freedom Rally events here
Update 2: Ed AP at HA has a new thread up covering the CBO pushback…

Update – Max Baucus (D-MT) head of the Sen Finance Cmte says he will have a deal to get the bill out of Cmte today, this despite the head of the CBO saying the proposed plan will NOT reduce health care spending by the government and will in fact INCREASE the spending.

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Lies Obama Told Me…

Well, he told all of us really, but same point. People ask when I was turned off TOTUS as a candidate, and why I found myself on the opposing side from my party after a lifetime of downticket Dem voting…Feels like we’re Barely Breathing like the Marathon Man under this Administration and it is only 100 days:



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