BSG: Fidgit E3: ‘Romo Lampkin is really good at Wii shooter The Conduit’…

:0) I was sure Romo was one of the Final Five…

Video courtesy of Zieslol

Ambling up to Sega’s booth at E3, I was only mildly surprised to see actor Mark Sheppard loitering about. You probably know him from Battlestar Galactica as Romo Lampkin, a lawyer with an imaginary cat and briefly President of the Colonies. It’s only mildly surprising to see him here, because he’s the main voice actor in The Conduit, a Wii shooter Sega will release later this month..

…But what was most surprising was that Mr. Sheppard wasn’t loitering at all. He was actually demoing the game. He knew enough about it to explain the different weapons, and to guide players to a few secret areas, and even to go into the options screen and mess around with some of the more elaborate customization options. For instance, he knew that a PC gamer like me would want a tighter bounding box to more closely tie the cursor movement to the character movement. He knew enough to explain about HUD transparency. He knew to call the Z button on the nunchuk attachment a Z button.

But the real surprise was when he took up the Wiimote himself. I don’t know if the dude is just good at shooters or if he’s simply been playing a lot of The Conduit. He not only managed to play the game well — and beat one of the bosses — but he had the rare ability to play well while answering annoying questions from a journalist (i.e. me). “What’s that bar mean?” “How do you get more health back?” “Is that ammo?” “Who are those guys?” “Can you take his gun?” “What happens if you go that way?”…

Ahh the good ole days of BSG courtesy of BSGCast/YourGeekNews

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First Look: E3 – Project Natal….

Here comes Xbox after Wii, looks kickin too…

From Bloomberg:

Electronic Entertainment Expo (E3) Starts Today – Interview with Xbox Global Brand Director Heather Snavely (Bloomberg News)

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Video: James Cameron unveils details about Avatar movie and game | SCI FI Wire

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SciFiWire by way of G4:

…the official Web site for the game has gone live, with screenshots from the game, which we presume also presage the look of the top-secret movie.

Cameron says the movie takes place in the 22nd century on Pandora, the Earth-like moon of a gas giant planet, with 1,000-foot-tall trees and creatures both beautiful and terrifying, as well as the Na’vi, a primitive humanoid race: 10 feet tall, blue-skinned and striped like tigers. They are wise and fierce warriors who live harmoniously in their forest environment.

Because the atmosphere on Pandora is toxic to humans, there are created human-Na’vi hybrids called “Avatars,” which are living, breathing bodies in the real world, controlled by human drivers who project their consciousness into the Avatar bodies.

Jake Sully (Sam Worthington) is a paralyzed war veteran who can live within his Avatar and finds himself caught between the humans and the inhabitants of Pandora. He also falls in love with a Na’vi woman.

Cameron also describes massive battles featuring flying creatures called “Banshees” by the humans. Avatar also stars Zoe Saldana, Sigourney Weaver, Michelle Rodriguez, Giovanni Ribisi, Joel David Moore, CCH Pounder, Peter Mensah, Laz Alonso, Wes Studi, Stephen Lang and Matt Gerald. It opens Dec. 18.

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