‘Eastwick’ cancelled…(not picked up for another season)

Update: ABC will air all 13 episodes, which would mean it was not picked up for S2, NOT that it was exactly cancelled as SciFiWire reported it, cancelled means they yank off the filmed episodes:

…ABC has nevertheless said it will air all 13 episodes of the witchy show’s original order, and Eastwick remains on the schedule through November…

A guilty pleasure on Wednesdays , Eastwick has been cancelled. I think they didn’t get to the Johnny Depp looking guy storyline quickly enough….

Variety has it:

“Eastwick” is getting the ax.

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(Witches of) Eastwick TV Series – Sneak Peek..

Courtesy of ABCNetwork

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Witches of Eastwick tv series promo…

Courtesy of ABCNetwork:

Don’t miss the series premiere of Eastwick Wednesday, September 23rd! For more video, visit http://www.abc.com

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