Cap and Trade Update: Rep. Manzullo to Obama Climate ‘Envoy’: it will destroy American manufacturing

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Courtesy of Rep. Manzullo (R-IL):

Congressman Don Manzullo (R-Egan) today asked President Obama’s Climate Change Envoy, Todd Stern, during a Foreign Affairs Committee hearing why American manufacturers should face costly cap and trade mandates when the world’s biggest polluters — China and India — have already said they have no plans to follow suit. Manzullo is the lead Republican on the Foreign Affairs Subcommittee on Asia, the Pacific, and the Global Environment. Manzullo also co-chairs the House Manufacturing Caucus.

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NRCC: Tom Perriello VA-05 & Debbie Halvorson IL -11…

Even with President Obama admitting that electricity rates would “skyrocket” as a result of Cap & Trade, Tom Perriello caved to pressure from the White House and Speaker Pelosi to support the bill.

In reality, it took only one call from President Obama for her to change her stance…

Courtesy of the NRCC

Joe Barton R-TX tried valiantly to stop this travesty of a bill:

Rep. Joe Barton (R-Ennis/Arlington) closed the Cap and Trade floor debate with an emotional plea for a no vote.

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Tea Party Patriots Action Alert Melt the Phone Lines Action Alert! Must Act Now!

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Tea Party Patriots Action Alert

Melt the Phone Lines Action Alert!  Must Act Now!

The Tea Party Patriots “Congressional Weasel Watch” is on high alert: Congressional Code Red!

You must act today!  Do not wait another minute before you make these calls.  We are Silent No More! Call your Congressman to express your views on this legislation.

HR 2454 The American Clean Energy & Security Act (Previously named CAP & TRADE) is out of committee and coming to the floor of the House of Representatives for a Fast Track vote on Friday, June 26th.

Call your Congressman and tell them NO today!  When calling your representative, do not use the words “Cap & Trade.” You need to use “HR 2454 ACES ACT” when speaking with their offices.

Please contact your own Congressman and also the following representatives who are on the fence about how they will vote on the legislation.  With your phone calls, perhaps they can be persuaded to vote NO on this legislation!

We need you to call today!  This cannot wait another day, as this needs your attention now!

To find and contact your Congressman click here.

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Congressman Tim Bishop Encounters Angry Citizens at Townhall Meeting

Watch my mom’s Weaselly Congress Critter RUN from his constituents at a Town Hall!

BWAAAAHAAAAAAAAA!! Yeah keep looking for that TOTUS poll bump at your next election Bishop! Especially when all the Seniors like my mom get a load of the proposed Medicare cuts!!! And the cap and trade tax hike!!!!

Courtesy of srfspc0953

Congressman Tim Bishop has been a Rubber Stamp for Nancy Pelosi, Barney Frank and the rest of the Washington elitists who want to tax and spend this nation to death. Some angry taxpayers had a little surprise for him at one of his “Town Hall” meetings on June 22, 2009.

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