Market Update: Averages Fall on Geithner Bank capitalization comments and Wagoner ouster…

DOW now down 274 to 7503, S&P down 28 to 787, NAS down 52 to 1492…

Everyone catch Timmeh on Sunday saying the banks will need more money? The markets sure did. WOTS is Golden Slacks and others are being ENCOURAGED to pay back TARP so Timmeh can RECYCLE the TARP funds back to other banks….REGIFTING with our tax dollars…

…On the ABC program, Geithner would not specify whether he expects to ask Congress for more money this year, though he did not rule it out.

…He conceded that U.S. banks likely will need “large amounts of assistance” before the credit crisis is resolved and said it would be “a mistake” to think that they can earn their way out of the current downturn.

The ouster of Wagoner IMO reflects the TOTAL UNCERTAINTY this administration creates every day, and how can markets recover in that environment? Exactly…every good thing the FED is doing is being undone by the erratic, yeah erratic, TOTUS Team…Phil LeBeau’s blog on the end of an era at GM here

ROY is TOTUS is taking 500 PEOPLE with him to his European Vacation and G20


500 PEOPLE and MRS TOTUS FLOTUS and her staff too

Way to show FISCAL RESTRAINT and respect for Americans hardship there..How much will that cost? More than Sarah Palin’s campaign wardrobe I’ll betcha….

Hypocrisy they name is TOTUS….

McCotter on Wagoner ouster:

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