Video Update: Marvel Comics gets its couture on for Fashion Week: Iron Man teams up with Tim Gunn…

Marvel: "Models, Inc."

Marvel: "Models, Inc. - Loaded Gunn"

Fun stuff, Tim looks fab in graphic art form

NYDailyNews – Gatecrasher:

Tim Gunn knows how to “make it work,” even when he’s a cartoon character.

The “Project Runway” judge is the subject of a brand-new Marvel comic book called the “Loaded Gunn” – out on Sept. 10 – in which he has to stop a villain from crashing an elite event at the New York Museum of Fashion. He’ll team up with fellow superhero Iron Man to protect the world of couture, fighting one bad guy at a time.

The comic book, which is included in a series called “Models, Inc.,” is one of four issues that will make its debut specially for Fall 2009 Fashion Week….

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Ab Fab no more: Christian LaCroix goes bust….


Christian Lacroix, the French fashion house famous for its expensive haute couture, has declared insolvency after falling foul of the global recession.

The collapse of Lacroix, which is owned by the Falic Group, a duty free retailer, and employs 125 people, has been attributed to the effects of the global downturn and consumers’ reluctance to spend money on luxury goods.

The fashion house, which was a favourite of characters in the British television comedy Absolutely Fabulous because of its extravagant and expensive designs, said that it had “filed a voluntary petition with the Tribunal de Commerce de Paris to put itself under the protection of the courts” and that it intended to maintain its business operations throughout proceedings.

…With the onset of the recession, major retailers had begun to stop buying new Lacroix merchandise and in April, Neiman Marcus Group and Saks reduced their orders for Lacroix products.

The high-fashion brand was launched by Christian Lacroix 22 years ago and has become well-known for its colourful gypsy-themed clothes.

Clips courtesy of 22echomike

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