Oscar Night – hoping Hurt Locker puts the hurt on Cameron…

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IMO Cameron has been running a dirty little campaign against his ex Kathryn Bigelow and her Hurt Locker. Is ‘Hurt Locker’ entirely accurate? no (is anything in TinselTown?!). Is it the most positive view of the military in Hollywood since Capra? Hell yes.

 Is Cameron a sexist prick for saying in interviews Bigelow would win because it would be impossible for the academy to resist giving the first woman the statue for directorial work? IMO- damn right he is,the jealous frakker.

 Bigelow has been kicking Cameron’s smurfy ass all over from Directors Guild to the Critics Choice Awards, he and his ego (apparently on par with the size of his film production budgets) can’t handle the truth, she beats him on the merits…

The poor producer of Hurt Locker can’t even attend the Oscars tonight as they were BANNED by the Academy for daring to send out an email promo that mentions Avatar spent 50 million in production and portrayed Hurt Locker as the David fighting off the mondo budget Goliath (all of which happens to be true, but Hollywood doesnt like to mix facts with their fiction apparently)

I hope Kathryn Bigelow SWEEPS the wins!! Go Hurt Locker!! (and my sentimental picks for the little statues for acting go to Sandra Bullock who has to be one of the most real peeps in Tinseltown, and Jeff Bridges who my mom tells me was superb in CrazyHeart.

 To be honest I have not watched the Oscars since Joaquin Phoenix was robbed of his rightful win for his portrayal of Johnny Cash, that was almost as bad as when they gave it to Ingrid Bergman for her 3 minutes on screen in Murder on the Orient Express as a ‘makeup Oscar’  for having denied her entire career’s work, of course Lauren Bacall should have gotten that statuette, her performance in Orient Express was fabulous, but the Academy is often blind and stoopid).

The most interesting thing would be if one of the bleeding hearts (as I was recently one myself, lol) offered to fund healthcare with the costs of the jewels and gowns of the lefty celebrities in the auditorium tonight…imagine, lol?!


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