Nikki Wins!!!

Update 2: Home again home again jiggety jig :0) Home to see Mike Lee beat Bennett Backed Bridgewater in UT! Way to go Utah Tea Party! Red State must be ecstatic :0)

Update : Tim Scott R-SC wins!


Get used to “Congressman Tim Scott.” He’s declared the winner in an R+10 district in South Carolina.

AP has called the SC GOP Gubernatorial run off for Nikki Haley!

Yay Nikki!

Here’s a tune for that dumbaxx will folkes, I think this is where he got his fantasies from, lol

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Fantasy: More on Legend of the Seeker…

Created by lolilie

t’s a mishmash of lots of fight scenes, action, and some good old Richard/Rahl pouting. Enjoy!

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Music: “The Pretender” by the Foo Fighters
Catch episodes of Legend of the Seeker on

Oh yay, some lovely person has LOTS of episodes up on youtube….

Episode 16, Part One

Courtesy of saig3N who has uploaded quite a few :0)

Legend of the Seeker Official Website, watch full episodes here

To find your local time and channel, click here and enter your zip code in the upper right hand corner

airs on KASW
Sun. 9p.m. & 11p.m.

For purists of the Terry Goodkind series, please don’t torture yourself by watching.

If you want to watch a very enjoyable Fantasy Adventure series on Network TV (YAY!! Keep them coming!!) check this show out, we love it (and we also love the Sword of Truth series, LOL, so you can indeed be fans of both)


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