Bin Laden is dead

Update: HotAir has all the details.

God Bless America. God Bless the troops who carried out the mission. God Bless the loved ones of those lost on 9/11 and in the battles since that day.


Al Qaeda leader Osama bin Laden is dead, President Obama said. The U.S. has his body in its possession, U.S. officials said late Sunday….

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Hillary greets Emperor of Japan, keeps spine straight like steel, announces help for our ally

This is how you do it.

Japanese Emperor Akihito and Empress Michiko greet U.S. Secretary of State Hillary Clinton prior to tea at the Imperial Palace Residence. Reuters.

Compare/Contrast with this~

weak spine, weak leadership

And she is having tea with them Mr Obama. Somehow I still don’t think that precludes her gaining foreign policy experience (despite the Obama Campaign comments to the contrary  in 08.  snarky bastards)

Interestingly, now the MFM are calling her MS. Clinton. Hmm. Maybe they are seeing her for herself finally. The international MFM anyway.

…In her prepared remarks, Ms. Clinton also stressed the strength of the U.S.-Japan military alliance, calling it a “cornerstone” of security in East Asia.

Japanese Foreign Minister Matsumoto thanked Ms. Clinton for the U.S. military’s disaster relief and recovery efforts. “We would like to express gratitude for working with us around the clock since the earthquake,” he said. Mr. Matsumoto added Japan would strive to provide full and transparent disclosure at home and abroad about the ongoing crisis at the Fukushima nuclear plant.

During an overnight trip to Seoul, Ms. Clinton met with South Korean President Lee Myung-bak and Foreign Minister Kim Sung-hwan, emphasizing economic connections rather than security ties. That appeared to signal the two countries are for the moment content with their relative strategies vis-à-vis North Korea….

And with BiBi~ yes Hillary would have been WORLDS APART from Obama on foreign policy with our sister Israel.

Hannity finally admitted last week on his show, Great American Panel portion, that he should not have started the ‘Stop Hillary Express’, that he was wrong. Yeah we hear that a lot. Sigh.

’16. Please Hillary. ’16.

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On the 8th day pre-Christmas Obama gave to me, President Hill-a-ree!

…and in a follow up to giving us 20 mins of President Big Dawg explaining supply side economics, today Obama left the podium to Hillary to explain why we are staying in Af-Pak til ’14.

If he keeps leaving grown ups at the podium, and actually lets them make decisions, since he told business leaders yesterday he is more of a ‘collaborator’ (yeah I totally get that, France WWII, yep I can see it all, cough), anyway, go have a summit and let the actual LEADERS make the tough calls and maybe we can get back on track..



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UN votes to impose new round of sanctions on Iran, Turkey and Brazil vote no..

Bloomberg has it:

The United Nations Security Council voted to impose new sanctions on Iran that restrict financial transactions, tighten an arms embargo and authorize the seizure of cargo linked to its nuclear or missile programs.The 15-nation Security Council voted 12 to 2, with one abstention, to adopt a resolution that freezes the assets of 40 companies, banks and government agencies, and bars the foreign travel of Javad Rahiqi, head of a branch of the Atomic Energy Organization of Iran. Turkey and Brazil voted against the measure, and Lebanon abstained from the vote….

…The new round of penalties, the fourth set of sanctions imposed on Iran by the Security Council, is aimed at blocking Iran’s ability to develop nuclear weapons and pressuring the country to join international talks….

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Reports of Mullah Omar capture abound while Team Obama rushes to apologize for Hillary taking a firm stance on protecting America, (even from our erstwhile ally Pakistan)


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Update: I really wanted an excuse to play this song…Obama gave me one….

Update: h/t HotAir. A video comparing Obama’s subservient bow to Akihito to MANY MANY other leaders NOT bowing to the Emperor, because of course it is NOT DONE, because it is a sign of subservience he needs to stop folding like a puppet with his strings cut every time he sees a ruler he thinks we ‘wronged’  somehow or that he looks up to in his ‘multicultured’ mind (he didn’t bow his head down for QEII) unless he wants to resign and then he can acknowledge fealty to whatever overlord he so desires!


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Hillary supports Israel – Media breaks out tomtoms against her (again)

So Hillary tried to get the Palestinian government to agree to come back to the table and allow Israel to continue organic growth. Palestinians said no. Then  she went to Israel and praised the Israelis for their cooperation and willingness to come to the table.

So the Palestinians ran crying to all their outlets and connections and lo and behold the media reported Hillary Stopping Peace Talks!! This despite the fact that Hillary said nothing Obama has not said himself! Clearly Team TOTUS backed down when the Palestinians whined at him, but don’t blame the SoS people, come on!

On a one-day Middle East visit on Saturday, Secretary of State Hillary Clinton endorsed Israel’s view that settlement expansion in the occupied West Bank should not be a bar to resuming negotiations — contradicting the Palestinian position.

Netanyahu has proposed limiting building for now to some 3,000 settler homes already approved by Israel in the West Bank. He does not regard building in occupied East Jerusalem, annexed in defiance of international opposition, as settlement.

U.S. President Barack Obama himself, after persuading Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas in September to meet Netanyahu in New York, called only for “restraint” in settlement, not the “freeze” he had previously proposed.

Then the neocons and CDS afflicted along with TOTUS cheerleaders who are the anti-Clintons at any given opportunity ran with Obama lede ‘Hillary Incompetent!”. Were I the conservatives,  I would question why I was on the same side as the media in this one when Hillary is the best ally Israel has in this Administration

As a Dem and a Catholic and an American, one of my big problems with Obama was his wishy-washy support of Israel, thus my joy when Hillary said as plain as anyone could possibly be during the primary debates, that if Iran attacked Israel we would ‘wipe them off the map.”. I like that kind of clarity and leadership in, you know, a LEADER.

Sadly some of the GOP and conservative outlets are jumping on board with a ‘Hillary is incompetent’ meme, which does absolutely nothing to further their agenda and in fact alienates moderates such as myself.

I call bullshxt.

Hillary knows EXACTLY where America should stand on Israel. She knows exactly where our military stands on Israel, She knows exactly where she stands on Israel. The thing no one knows day to day is where OBAMA stands. Don’t blame the messenger.

Palestinian Foreign Minister Riyad al-Maliki, speaking to reporters on the sidelines of the Marrakesh conference, said while they were surprised to see Clinton’s statement in Jerusalem, and thought it was inconsistent with what Clinton told them in Abu Dhabi earlier Saturday, they are happy the position has been clarified and brought back into line with their understanding. He also said that the Palestinian Authority is happy that Obama has made the Israeli Palestinian issue and the creation of a Palestinian state a priority and they believe in him and his sincerity.

Look, clearly Hillary is not as good as Obama at being everything to everyone and appearing to agree with everyone, and everyone leaving him believing he is in complete agreement with them on everything. That is a good thing IMO, and for Hillary it is again IMO because she actually COMMITS to things, her husband, her party, her positions. She isn’t the tabula rasa Obama is, glad handing everyone and letting everyone see what they want.  So in that sense people like the Palestinian leadership and the Russians are simply not going to get what they want from her, or what they got from TOTUS,. And no doubt that is one large reason the cabal of dunces in the DEM leadership like Pelosi and Dean SELECTED Barack as the nominee over Hillary, she is tough, he rolls over.

Anyone who doubts that Hillary supports Israel, and that she is quite competent and decisive simply has not been paying attention.

I hope the conservatives and GOP do not allow CDS to sweep them into banging tomtoms and doing the mowmow on Hillary.




Obama and Kerry could never handle this aggressive questioning in Pakistan. Hillary’s mission there was to speak to all the Pakistani people and press and government and try to assure them our presence, and drone attacks, and military buildup and our bill (Kerry Lugar) are well intentioned. We NEED Pakistan to trust us to stay (something hard to convince them of under the guidance of our dear leader who is himself MIA on the troop buildup) and to give us the intelligence we need to work against the Taliban and Al Qaeda.

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Hillary and the Pentagon want more troops for Afghanistan, Biden and Pelosi do not..

Great. Yet again I say, it should have been Hillary. I have NO DOUBT Susan Rice and Smantha Power are also calling to withdraw and let the terrorists take hold, fools:

UK Telegraph (h/t Ace commenter stuiec!)

President Barack Obama’s administration is sharply divided over whether to send more American troops to Afghanistan, with Vice-President Joe Biden and other senior figures arguing that it would be folly to escalate the fighting.

On this vital question, Mr Biden is sharply at odds with Hillary Clinton, the secretary of state.. He strongly opposes any large increase in US combat forces in Afghanistan, while Mrs Clinton has called for reinforcements, with the support of the Pentagon…


…General Stanley McChrystal, the new American commander of Nato forces in Afghanistan, has submitted his classified assessment of the war to the White House. This is understood to lay out future options, ranging from sending 10,000 to 40,000 additional soldiers.

Gen McChrystal has privately made clear that he believes the greatest risk attaches to holding back on the reinforcements. What he considers the minimal option of sending between 10,000 and 15,000 more troops is also the riskiest choice, he argues.

Mr Obama, who ordered another 17,000 combat soldiers and 4,000 military trainers to Afghanistan within weeks of taking office, will be loath to reject his new commander’s advice and risk being branded weak on national security by the Republicans.

An official described the row between the president’s advisers as “a necessary and healthy debate”. It comes as senior Democrats in Congress have publicly opposed sending more US soldiers. “I don’t think there’s a great deal of support for sending more troops to Afghanistan, in the country or in the Congress,” said Nancy Pelosi, the Speaker of the House of Representatives and one of the most senior Democrats in Congress, who is also known as a close ally of Mr Obama….

Holbrooke wants more troops too:

…But Richard Holbroke, Mr Obama’s special representative to the region, argues that extra combat troops are needed to protect civilians from the Taliban….

Sign spotted at DC 912 rally, courtesy of Vodkapundit:


TOTUS and Biden don’t seem to have what Queen Elizabeth 1st and Hillary do, the ‘stomach of a King’:

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