SDCC ’10 ~ The Guild Panel

Go to! and see the Game On video here

Courtesy of TFAWvideos

The Guild panel, where Felicia Day, Wil Wheaton, and the rest of the cast answer questions and talk about their new Bollywood-inspired video, “Game On.”

Panel continues after the break:

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Gamer News: James Cameron stars in…Cloverbrawl!

LOL!!!! H/T SciFiWire

Created by SeakittenCollective:

Four Months after the release of Little Big Revenge, Seakitten Collective, in cooperation with Munkeh Productions has made a worthy followup to the previously mentioned sackboy carnage. The premise? What if ALL videogame characters came to life in a Cloverfield-esque way? The end result is a 20 minute short that, if liked, will become episodic. All FX have been done inhouse and Music has been custom made by Nic De Houwer. This movie is a product by gamers, for gamers! Enjoy!

Part II after the break:


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