Sen Feinstein supports McChrystal’s recommendations and the women and children of Afghanistan…

Finally someone mentions the women and children of Afghanistan in this discussion of the mythical Taliban ‘moderates’. Feinstein wants to find Pashtoun Tribal Warlords who will work with us and she wants to support General McChrystal’s recommendations. That gives us the full Brass- Petraeus, Mullen, McChrystal, plus Hillary, Gates, and now Sen Feinstein of her powerful intelligence cmte, all on one page. Good. Support the troops, Support the Afghani people we promised to protect.

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TOTUS, voting Present since 1995

Voting present since 1995 or whatever year he took an is the FOX panel discussing what TOTUS needs to do in Wednesday’s speech.

Based on all the president’s  spinmeisters appearances today and the latest journOlist ledes, it would seem TOTUS will CONTINUE to vote present on a public option in his latest ‘biggest speech evah’ this Wednesday, sounding like he is for it, but not backing away from Olympia Snowe’s pet triggers…IOW he won’t lay a veto on the line and take a stand either way, leadership? Where is the passion? OPAQUE they name is TOTUS …

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While Gibby is tossing the public option unda da bus, TOTUS ‘official speak’ is he is gonna be Tuff but not on his neoprog libs according to Politico, they said WE DON’T TRIANGULATE IN THIS WH, IOW he will not go moderate which is how he ran..lines in the sand huh? step over it baby, don’t let this TOTUS take our economy off a cliff!….

…2) He will not confront or scold the left. “This is a case for bold action, not a stick in the eye to our supporters,” said an official involved in speech preparation. “That’s not how President Obama thinks. The politics of triangulation don’t live in this White House.”..

Face it neo progs your guy is voting PRESENT…

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TOTUS is lifting his themes from Bugs Bunny again I’m a tellin ya! This time it is Yosemite Sam with the ‘I dare ya to cross that line’

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Hillary SoS official: 10:40 am EST; HRC and Gates

Obama Clinton Ohio

UPDATE 2: Excellent piece here by Politico, on HRC and Gates’ views based on an exchange b/w the two in 2006 confirmation hearings for Gates, a MUST READ..

Clinton: “Let me ask you, Dr. Gates, that in an oral history of the ’92 Gulf War produced by the PBS program ‘Frontline,’ you made some very definite points about how the military often overstates or even in your words, “’exaggerate the level of forces required to accomplish a specific objective.’ I’m concerned that’s precisely the attitude that we’ve heard from Secretary [Donald] Rumsfeld, former Deputy Secretary [Paul] Wolfowitz and others with regard to former Army Chief of Staff] Gen. [Eric] Shinseki’s recommendation and many in the uniformed military and civilian experts, who have consistently beat the drum that we don’t have enough troops, we never had enough troops.

“So therefore, how will you take that set of recommendations from your uniformed military on board and figure out how you’re going to assess it, given your previously stated position that it’s often exaggerated when we look at missions to accomplish?”


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