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GIJOEPosterCC2Ks Big Ross gives a review:

…As indicated by the title, this movie doesn’t tell the origin of G.I.JOE so much as it tells the origin of COBRA.  The G.I.JOE team is firmly established and operational at the film’s start, and COBRA as the terrorist organization everyone loves to hate doesn’t exist yet.  Even so, James McCallum/Destro (Christopher Eccleston), The Baroness (Sienna Miller), Zartan (Arnold Vosloo), and the mysterious Doctor (Joseph Gordon-Levitt) are in the final stages of a sinister plot for world domination (if you think that’s a spoiler, obviously you’ve never watched the old G.I.JOE cartoons.  Attempts at world domination are their bread and butter.).  The world’s only hope to stop them is (you guessed it) G.I.JOE.

We’re introduced to this international military force (they’re not just real *American* heroes anymore) through new members Duke (Channing Tatum) and Ripcord (Marlon Wayans).  They team up with Scarlett (Rachel Nichols), Heavy Duty (Adewale Akinnuoye-Agbaje), Breaker (Said Taghmaoui), and Snake Eyes (Ray Park) under the command of General Hawk (Dennis Quaid) to try and thwart Destro, et al’s evil plans.  I’m not going to get into anymore specific details than that; I don’t want to spoil this movie for anyone.  I will tell you that the plot is big (it’s as convoluted as Transformers 2, if not more so), dumb (there are several moments where logic goes out the window and you just have to go with it), and (as I already mentioned) the fate of the world hangs in the balance, i.e. it’s exactly what you should expect for a summer action movie.

But really, this movie works in pretty much all the ways a summer action movie is supposed to work…(GO READ THE REST HERE)

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UPDATE: G.I. Joe: The Rise of Cobra – International Trailer….

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