South Park spoofs Glenn Beck

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Vodpod videos no longer available.

Vodpod videos no longer available.

Clip 3 after the break:


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Mark Levin & Glenn Beck

M’kaaaay. What is Glenn trying to say? He thinks TOTUS is the same as MAC? He thinks MAC would’ve been WORSE than TOTUS? This from the guy who is telling us nightly that TOTUS is trying to take over the country and shred the Constitution. I call BS. Hopefully we will get clarification today.

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Update 5: Even Leno ripping ACORN; The Governator demands investigation: More tapes on the way! NY AG Cuomo opens investigation into ACORN; ACORN Tape up, San Bernadino: Twofer Tuesday: Stevie Nicks. Plus – More ACORN, now with alleged felonies*!

Update: 9/18 – Even LENO is ripping on ACORN! How embarrassing to be the PseudoIntellectual Elite Media!

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Breitbart on Hannity indicated there are more tapes but they will wait before releasing them. They may be waiting out ACORN’S audit, lol!! Extended tape from VeritasVisuals

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Hannity airs San Diego tape portions, We can now add offers to smuggle illegal (undocumented) underage prostitutes from Tijuana to San Diego from an ACORN worker to the list..check BigGovernment for ongoing updates…

Drudge has a developing headline, upper left, Governator demanding investigation, Booyah…Ahh Ed at HA links to Governator’s twitter on his opening an ACORN investigation


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Updated: 912 Tea Party Reports…



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What Is ACORN? Glenn Beck – Megyn Kelly

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Part II after the break: (more…)

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Glenn Beck Show | Tea Parties | 5-1-09 |

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Part 2

Part 3 after the break


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Must See TV…

this clip is just a must see, LOL

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Glenn Beck gets Bill O’Reilly to wear a pair of Mickey Mouse ears….

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