TOTUS Tossin’ and Turnin’ All Night….


President Barack Obama said on Tuesday that worrying about the U.S. government’s finances “keeps me awake at night” and the country needed to start planning now to tackle soaring deficits.


In a pair of interviews on CNBC and Bloomberg television, Obama defended increasing government spending to prevent the recession from worsening, and warned the unemployment rate may hit 10 percent this year, a level not seen since 1983.

“There’s no doubt that we’ve got a serious problem in terms of our long-term deficits and debt,” he told CNBC. “I make no apologies for having acted short term to deal with our recession.”

But he said once the recession ends, “we’re going to have to close that gap between the amount of money coming in and the amount of money going out.”..

How do YOU think he plans to ‘close that gap’? Taxes baby taxes…and does this ANGST over the deficit make him slow spending? of course not! Full Steam Ahead on another 2 trillion!!!


Senate sources say the latest cost estimates for health care legislation are around $1.6 trillion over 10 years. Two Senate staffers, one Democratic and one Republican, said Congressional Budget Office estimates put the cost of the Finance Committee version of the bill at around $1.6 trillion.

A third staffer, a Finance Committee Democratic aide, indicated committee members are working to lower the cost to less than $1 trillion over 10 years, a level preferred by the Obama administration.

He would prefer a mere 1 trillion added to the deficit, let’s get that graph again, the one WITHOUT the GINORMOUS Health Plan added in, just to see where we are BEFORE the health spending:

What is that waaay over on the left...oh yeah a SURPLUS...

What is that waaay over on the left...oh yeah a SURPLUS...

WE CANNOT AFFORD THIS, Call your Congress Critters now AND AFTER the ABC Pravda show….


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