Update: Coulter, Geraldo and Lamont Hill ‘discuss’: You Might be a Racist if…

Update: Geraldo has Ann Coulter and Dr. Marc Lamont Hill on to discuss ACORN and racism at tea parties, what could go wrong?

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Update: Greg Fitzsimmons and Howard Stern on Jimmeh Carter:

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More on Jimmeh’s own race problems from National Review here. h/t Instapundit

Jimmeh Carter was rolled out TWICE this week to try his new Jeff Foxworthyesque routine You Might Be a Racist If You Oppose Obama!

h/t Powerline:

Missourah.com explains everything in this handy chart

Courtesy of Missourah.com

Courtesy of Missourah.com

And how is that going for them? Badly. Doubling Down on the race card this week and still failing miserably at ginning up support for Obamacare:

Rasmussen Polling courtesy of Powerline

Rasmussen Polling courtesy of Powerline

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