BP Gulf Oil Spill Telethon CNN Tonight 8-10 PM EST

Update: Just sent my donation to the United Way Gulf Recovery Fund, linky here. I have always found them effective with the cap on admin costs to distribution of funds in the past. NWF linky here for wildlife .Nature Conservancy donation linky here for Gulf Restoration.

CNN Telethon for the Gulf Coast Tonight!

Finally- media action to help rally Americans!!!! Ian Somerhalder will be there, he is from LA and has been trying to get people motivated to do something to help.

Twitter #CNNHelpGulf

RT @nature_org: The phone lines are open! Call 1-800-491-GULF to donate to help support our work in the Gulf Coast! #CNNHelpGulf
Gulf Coast Telethon tonight! Charities include @nature_org @NWF @live_united http://nature.ly/d15k7u #cnnhelpgulf
  1. iansomerhalder Oil on the beaches of Gulf Shores Alabama. Where is all of the equipment we need to suck up this oil Mr. Obama? I mean does he enjoy this?
  2. ian somerhalder iansomerhalder

    Larry King telethon Monday June, 21st 5 to 7PM. No link yet but it’s happening. Will get specifics… Please retweet,retweet and retweet!!!

  3. ian somerhalder iansomerhalder Larry King/CNN telethon soon! I’m counting the minutes so come on America let’s rally and help eachother out- The Gulf of Mexico needs us…

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