Housing – Obama and Treasury to add principal writedowns to HAMP program & add plan for unemployed homeowners…

The principal writedowns are 3 years too late, they will be much larger now. So will losses to taxpayers.  Here at MiM we have been following the housing collapse from the epicenter here in Phoenix, and Obama’s first pathetic sellout HAMP program ‘suggestions’ to the banks has gotten us less than 200,000 mods out of a pool of 5 million, with 50 billion earmarked while they extend and pretend and play head games with families in these homes.

The thing people still seem to be having trouble grasping is that we taxpayers are ALREADY on the hook for these defaults via FANNIE FREDDIE. So IMO it would have been far better to a, use TARP for its original purpose of buying up the bad MBS products, or b, encouraging principal writedowns a la the BofA/FDIC method of ensuring a 5 yr cash flow…

We are in the double dip of the housing recession and it will bring the economy down…again…


The White House will announce Friday an expansion of its foreclosure-prevention efforts to include reducing the mortgage loan balances for some distressed borrowers and giving temporary help to the unemployed, people familiar with the plans said.

In the latest overhaul of the year-old mortgage-loan modification program, these people said, the White House will announce plans to allow unemployed borrowers to receive sharply reduced payments—or a break from making any payments—for at least three months and up to six months. The revamp will also require banks to consider writing down loan balances as part of the formula for lowering monthly payments under the federal Home Affordable Modification Program, or HAMP.

In addition, the administration will introduce a program that uses the Federal Housing Administration to insure new loans for borrowers who are underwater, owing more than the current values of their homes.

Under that program, investors who reduce loan balances to 96.5% of the current property value would refinance borrowers into an FHA-backed loan. Investors would have to reduce first-lien mortgages by at least 10%. For properties that have second-lien mortgages, the program is designed to reduce the total mortgage debt to no more than 115% of the estimated property value. Banks that hold second-liens will be eligible for incentive payments if they write down those loans so borrowers can qualify….

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