Personal Bankruptcy soars to 5 yr high ~ Nevada continues to be hardest hit – feel the ‘Hope’ yet?

The American people are eagerly awaiting their chance to vote against this destructive, divisive agenda coming out of D.C. November cannot come soon enough. Hold On, voters are comin’, we will pull each other out of this morass the Obama Democrats have created. Please make sure EVERYONE you know is coming out to vote.


The Administrative Office of the U.S. Courts reports that personal bankruptcy filings for the year ended June 30, 2010 surged to a five year high, hitting 1.57 million, a 20% increase from the prior year. Furthermore, in the period between April and June, there were 422,061 bankruptcy filings, a 9% increase from the 388,148 in the previous quarter, and up 11% from 381,073 a year earlier. As Reuters highlights, quarterly filings surpassed 400,000 for the first time since a record 667,431 bankruptcies were begun in the fourth quarter of 2005, when Congress overhauled federal bankruptcy laws and made it harder for people and businesses to file…

Nevada continues to be hardest hit in foreclosures and bankruptcies as well as unemployment, Harry Reid is killing his state on a Trifecta of issues with his ass backward economic ‘policies’,,,

If you are in Nevada, please take a look at Sharron Angle for Senate. I had initially backed Sue Lowden and donated to her campaign, but Sharron was the people’s choice and now any dillys I have for NV are going to Sharron who GETS IT. We need people who GET US, and GET AMERICA. Who GET free markets and fiscal responsibility. Please vote for Sharron Angle to turn NV around!

...Indicatively, Nevada had the highest rate of filings on a per capita basis in the last year, with 11.74 per 1,000 people)….

Obama is on my TV, again, this time BAMBOOZLING folks in Ohio and whining about how companies have plenty of money to hire and fully fund pensions. Good grief, the pension bailout is coming….Hold On America, we voters are comin’!!

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Financial Regulatory Reform bill cloture vote FAILS

and the beat goes on..and so does debate on FINREG…

only Harry Reid would bring something this important up for cloture when he doesn’t have the frakkin votes, luckily the markets are closing right now, DOW down 70…

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The Fall of the House of Democrats: WH pushes hopeless amnesty attempt ahead of cap and trade, Lindsey Graham hardest hit…


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Reid strips bipartisan ‘jobs bill’, cuts Unemployment and COBRA extensions from bill…

Smooth move Harry. I am sure the unemployed people and folks who need the COBRA subsidy will appreciate your newfound ‘toughness’ on spending. Especially since you found your cojones against members of your own party on an actual bipartisan bill.

Whadda maroon.

FDL! while complimenting Harry, notes he tossed the UE and COBRA extension:

...Reid set aside the social safety net spending, extending unemployment benefits and the COBRA subsidy, into a separate bill. That would net another $25 billion. Reid has promised to take that up later in February, after the Senate recess….

Politico notes that Reid pulled the rug from under the WH’s big bipartisan jobs bill announcement (headline calls WH ‘stunned’) and pixxed off his caucus at the same time:

Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid led colleagues and the White House to believe he supported a bipartisan jobs bill — only to scuttle the plan as soon as it was released Thursday over concerns it could be used to batter Democratic incumbents, according to Senate sources.

Senate Finance Committee Chairman Max Baucus (D-Mont.) and Sen. Charles Grassley (R-Iowa) worked for weeks with Reid’s blessing and frequent involvement to craft an $85 billion jobs bill, a measure that seemed destined to break the partisan logjam that has ground the Senate to a halt.

But as Baucus, Grassley and President Barack Obama were preparing to celebrate a rare moment of bipartisan Kumbaya on Thursday, Reid stunned a meeting of Senate Democrats by announcing he was scrapping Baucus-Grassley, replacing it with a much cheaper, more narrowly crafted, $15 billion version.

Sounds like members of the Dem caucus were pretty pixxed too:

…But people who were in the room painted a somewhat different picture, saying Reid’s proposal was met with a mixture of confusion and outrage from senators upset about having their pet projects redacted – even after Reid promised to include their proposals in subsequent jobs bills.

And Iowa Democratic Sen. Tom Harkin argued passionately that, if lawmakers plan to extend corporate tax breaks, they should also extend employment insurance.  “[Reid’s] trying to keep it simple,” Harkin said emerging from the meeting, “but what I think ought to be in the package is unemployment insurance for one year.”..

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The Pillage Idiot Guide to Offensive Statements by Public Officials

h/t NRO

Click image to expand. And go show Attila some love!

It’s one thing for Barack Obama to grant absolution for an ally’s dubious racial remark, but when Al Sharpton absolves the offender, you just know there are different standards at work….

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Ain’t Talkin’ ’bout Love: moderate Dems should support Scott Brown (MASS) and Sue Lowden (NV)

Vodpod videos no longer available.

I know this is sacrilege for a lot of Dems, but at this point I am supporting Scott Brown and Sue Lowden. Ask yourself something Democrats, who the hell are we supporting and why?! These Democratic Senators killed prescription drug reimportation, they are gutting Medicare, they are rolling over on the main issues that the party platform espouses in re women and progressive taxation.


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The Milli Vanilli Health Care Bill: Dems drop Medicare expansion, vote on Dorgan Drug reimportation Amendment today…

I think we have figured out Harry Reid’s plan. He is the Milli Vanilli of Health Care. His concern is to pass something that looks good not something that actually works. He will keep adding things that sound great but do not have a chance because they are unaffordable, then when he takes them out he seems reasonable..

When last we visited health care Medicare was being expanded to 55 and up and we had a quasi public option with the Federal Benefit Plan being expanded….now Medicare expansion is gone.

The vote on the Dorgan Amendment to allow reimportation of prescription drugs is today. Please CALL YOUR SENATORS and ask them to vote yes if you would like to buy cheaper RXs from Canada.


Senate Democrats on Monday evening dropped a plan to expand Medicare, winning the support of moderates and the reluctant acquiescence of liberals, in another major step toward building enough support to pass a health-care overhaul.

…At an evening caucus of all 58 Democrats and the two independents who sit with the party, including Sen. Lieberman, Majority Leader Harry Reid (D., Nev.) and other party leaders made clear they wanted to head off the dispute.

Sen. Evan Bayh (D., Ind.) said Democrats agreed that the dispute over Medicare shouldn’t hold up legislation that would extend coverage to tens of millions of Americans. “There are a lot of good things here,” he said. “To use an old cliché, the general consensus was we shouldn’t make the perfect the enemy of the good.”…

Democrats remain divided on a proposal by Sen. Byron Dorgan (D., N.D.) that would allow the reimportation of prescription drugs from Canada and some other countries.

A vote on the Dorgan amendment was set for Tuesday. If it passes, it would undermine a deal the White House struck with the drug industry to limit the industry’s concessions to $80 billion over a decade….

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Unemployment Update: Congress blows deadline to extend COBRA subsidy

Harry Reid is the Lonesome Loser of Leadership and he is taking all of us along for the ride. A more incompetent leader I have not seen since Daschle.  The COBRA extension WAS in the UE extension bill but they STRIPPED IT OUT!

Once again Congress demonstrates they are incapable of focusing on the truly URGENT issues, in this case the TRULY URGENT healthcare issue of extending the COBRA subsidy under the stimulus that allowed millions of us to keep our employer benefits once laid-off. In my case the loss of the subsidy means my monthly premium jumps from $600 to $1600. And effective January 1 it will go to $1800.00.

Congress could have acted to extend this but instead they are frakking around with a health care bill that will give none of us benefits for 4 years. Unbelievable. This COBRA subsidy was IMO,  one of the single most effective things they had done since the collapse. Our previous posts on the COBRA subsidy here.


A facet of the stimulus that subsidized unemployed workers’ healthcare premiums ended for many Monday, despite numerous attempts to prevent a rollback of the program.

Lawmakers have wrangled for months over a possible expansion of the Recovery Act’s more than $25 billion COBRA subsidy, which covers about 65 percent of jobless Americans’ monthly insurance bills for up to nine months.

But the debate over how to extend the program, for how long to extend it and how much the final product might cost has caused lawmakers to overshoot the Nov. 30 deadline, meaning those who enrolled in the program when it first launched will soon lose their subsidies and — perhaps later, lawmakers fear — their insurance coverage.Consequently, Democrats seem poised to address COBRA coverage in their pending jobs stimulus, but details of how that extension might look remain unclear.

In the meantime, a slew of efforts in both chambers of Congress could extend the program for about six months.

One of those proposals, sponsored by Rep. Joe Sestak (D-Pa.), would also open the program’s eligibility window to include any worker who lost his or her job between Jan. 1 and June 30, 2010. Currently, only those losing their jobs between Sept. 1 and Dec. 31, 2009 are eligible for the subsidy.

However, Sestak’s bill remains lodged in committee, as do a few other, similar efforts in both the House and Senate….

Joe Sestak is a vet and an all around good guy. I disagree with him on trying the 9/11 conpirators in NYC but Joe IS moderate and IS looking out for PA residents, more than I can say for Benedict Arlen Specter against whom he is running in ’10.

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