Twofer Tuesday: A Nightmare on Elm Street…

Courtesy of DailyGamingNews an interview with two guys who make a load of money riffing other peoples work..of course for Elm St I will go see it for Thomas Dekker, but passed on F13TH and other assorted BS YARM….

When DarkCastle Entertainment remade old William Castle films it was bringing truly older horror with an updated feel to an entirely new audience in the 90s for the most part, what these guys are doing is bogus, taking a load of cash and reworking films that have not yet passed into the great collective cultural consciousness of the PAST- the originals are still part of our present, ya dig? Can we at least wait 40 years? I mean all the original actors are still alive so clearly not enough time has passed, let that be the bar from now on shall we? Cant these guys find an original idea out there in LA LA land with a flashlight and two hands cmon people WORK FOR IT…

These guys are no different from people duping rap in the 80s.and rappers who sampled previous hits to game their own…

To see Mr Bean take on Freddy go here

For everyone else, here is the original!!!!!!!!!!!

Part 1

Courtesy of vittycent09, go to their channel for the rest!

The hell with it I am making this a Threefer, here is how you make a real ORIGINAL horror film, courtesy of the master Wes Craven:

Courtesy of tnvincesanity, go to their channel for the rest!

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Horror YARM: Elm St remake to star TSCC’s Thomas Dekker, final negotiations underway…

This has been floating around for a bit, but apparently final negotiation is now underway with Dekker. I hope so. That would at last give me a reason to plunk down cash to see the film

WTH is happening in Hollywood? Lack of creativity? How many YARMS (yet another remake) do we have to endure?

And how do you remake WES CRAVEN well? I don’t want Lucas-esque remakes of films already done perfectly!! did they learn nada from the sequels? havent they seen Scream? lol..

Maybe it will totally diverge from  what came before it, yet stay true to the popular cultural elements, as the JJ Abrams Trek is supposed to do very well…

And now a scene from the classic replete with Johnny Depp:

They put out great creative writing on TSCC on FOX and then try to kill it and the best they can do big screen is rehashing all the old classics…..pretty sad Writers Guild…


Word on the street — Elm street, to be exact — is that Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles star Thomas Dekker is in “final negotiations” to join the cast of Platinum Dunes’ A Nightmare on Elm Street remake.

The report comes from horror site Shock Till You Drop, which adds that Dekker will play a character named Jesse, “a jock on the swim team,” if cast. Watchmen‘s Jackie Earle Haley and The Haunting in Connecticut‘s Kyle Gallner have already signed on for the film, which will offer up a fresh take on the tale of the peerless Freddy Krueger..

The entire New Line classic Wes Craven film is up courtesy of PAPARAW:

Part 1 of 12

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