More Fun with British History: Hampton Court Exhibit, ‘Heads and Hearts, Henry’s Women, Dressed to Kill at the Tower of London’…

WOW! Awesome exhibits on the Tudor Monarchy this year! 500 years since HVIII accession! Oh I want to go see these exhibits!!!!

Henry VIII: Dressed to Kill at the Tower of London

Henry VIII: Dressed to KillFrom 3 April 2009 – 17 January 2010
Displayed over 3 floors of the historic White Tower, this stunning
exhibition celebrates the 500th anniversary of Henry VIII becoming King of England. Some of the world’s rarest arms and armour have been selected from the treasures of the Royal Armouries and international collections. These spectacular objects have never been seen together since the reign of his daughter Elizabeth

Henry VIII: heads and hearts

Henry VIII: heads and hearts
Come to Hampton Court Palace and commemorate 500 years since Henry VIII’s accession to the English throne. Be part of the celebrations of Henry’s wedding to his sixth wife, Kateryn Parr, and find out more about Henry’s wives and daughters at the fascinating, temporary exhibition ‘Henry’s Women’. Opens 10 April

From the fabulous LittleMissSunnydale, a great opportunity this year to see wonderful Tudor artifacts and works of art:

10 April – 3 August 2009

This year Hampton Court has several exhibitions based on Henry VIII’s life in connection to the 500th anniversary of his accession. Amongst these is an exhibition entitled “Henry’s Women”, which focuses on his wives and daughters.

Some of the paintings included have not been shown before to the public, namely the paintings of Katherine Parr and Anne of Cleves. The exhibition begins on the 10th April.

There is still some uncertainty regarding the identity of one of the paintings – the portrait allegedly of Katherine Howard. Currently the National Portrait Gallery has the portrait labelled as “Unknown woman, formerly known as Katherine Howard”, and there have been suggestions that the sitter is actual a member of the Cromwell family, more specifically Thomas Cromwell’s daughter-in-law, Elizabeth Seymour. Ultimately the sitter’s identity is still not known, although I tend to think it is not Katherine.

For more information on the exhibit:…

Six Wives of Henry VIII -Catherine of Aragon

Six Wives of HVIII- Anne Boleyn


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