Voters Say Hillary More Qualified To Be President Than Obama, Romney, Gingrich, Palin

Everything’s comin up roses. But she will not run until ’16


…A new Rasmussen Reports national telephone survey shows that 57% of voters feel Clinton is qualified to be president, but 34% disagree and say she is not

As for President Obama, 51% say he is fit for the job. However, 44% say he is not qualified to be president, even though he has now served 17 months in the job.


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Another poll, Hillary approval still high 59%…


...By far, Secretary of State Hillary Clinton garners the highest approval rating of administration officials tested.

Fifty-nine percent of voters approve and 19 percent disapprove, with the remaining 22 percent unsure. In December, 66 percent approved and 22 percent disapproved….

Hillary has the highest approval of the Administration with Indies:

…Among independents, Clinton (56 percent approve) outperforms all others — including the president (39 percent)….

Obama’s numbers have totally collapsed with Indies:

…More independents disapprove (48 percent) than approve (39 percent) — and that’s been true for about two months….

Hillary is second with Dems:

…–Among Democrats, President Obama receives the highest approval rating (79 percent), followed by Clinton (76 percent) and Biden (71 percent)….

Obama’s approval below 80% with Democrats now:

Seventy-nine percent of Democrats approve and 12 percent disapprove. That’s a record low approval for Obama among his party faithful.

Republicans remain solidly in the disapprove column, as 84 percent give the president a negative rating and 12 percent approve.


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Hillary favorables/unfavorables outpoll Obama (and the GOP competition)…

Ahh what could have, what should have been.Whenever you are ready Hillary, millions of us are ready to support you.

Andrew Malcolm LATimes:

a new CNN/Opinion Research Poll has just revealed that even today Americans like that other Democrat more and dislike that other Democrat less than they do the incumbent Democratic president.

That other Democrat is, of course, Hillary Clinton, who fought and scratched her way mightily but unsuccessfully through those bitter, belligerent Democratic primaries and caucuses of 2008. The former first lady and current secretary of State professes no intra-mural interest in challenging her White House boss, as she must as long as she’s an administration team member.

The published CNN article focused on an Obama matchup with Sarah Palin. But within the data were Favorable/Unfavorable ratings for numerous prominent politicians of both parties. Here are the surprising new poll numbers for Clinton:

61% now think favorably of the former senator and only 35% unfavorably, both numbers improved from the 56% and 40% she had during the Democratic National Convention in late August of 2008….

How about Hill’s favorables/unfavorables vs the GOP frontrunners?

Clinton’s numbers also beat all other both Democrats and Republicans in the new poll…

…Among Republican names, Mike Huckabee’s favorable-unfavorable rating is 43-29; Mitt Romney 40-34; Newt Gingrich 38-38 (see his recent speech video here); and Sarah Palin 39-55, up from her other recent numbers. See Palin’s recent speech video right here.

Loyal Ticket readers may remember this item of ours from last December when USA Today and Gallup found the two most admired females in America were Clinton and Palin — and only 1% separated them….

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Gallup: Hillary places second in ‘political winners of 2009’ poll

Mechellle came in first, lol, of course she didn’t compete for anything, she is just..there… with boffo arm definition and lots of covers on the mags. But glad to see HRC ranking up there in Americans opinions of the political winners of the year. HRC is kicking Obama’s butt in all the polling, heh.

Of course WaPo as always came out blaming HRC for the attempted plane bombing. Anytime HRC is doing well in a poll some journOlist comes out and bashes her or Big Dawg, like clockwork.

Because of course it is the SoS PERSONALLY who should be monitoring and compiling no fly lists right? yeah WRONG! The FBI AND DHS was notified, end of story. Stop passing the buck, we need more Truman, less ‘pas moi’ from Obama and his lamestream media henchmen….

Too early for ‘Waterloo’ for Obama but I see a way to squeeze some ABBA in here, lol:


In Americans’ estimation, the top three political winners of 2009 are all women closely linked with the Obama administration: Michelle Obama, Hillary Clinton, and Sonia Sotomayor. Among these, Michelle Obama has the broadest support with 73% calling her a “winner” in U.S. politics this year and 21% a “loser.” However, Clinton’s rating is nearly as positive….

Hillary Clinton lost a bitterly fought primary for the 2008 Democratic presidential nomination, but has been visibly filling her role as Secretary of State and has risen above the political fray in a way the president has not, with more viewing Clinton as a political winner than Barack Obama….(notice how we ‘bitterly’ fought, lol, clingy too we HRC supporters!)

Broken down by party affiliation, we see AGAIN that HRC is in great shape for another run for POTUS, I know she isn’t thinking about it now, but I am 🙂 She is rated a political winner by 45% of GOP, 90% of Dems and 72% of Indies….

Here is my FAVORITE part of the poll:

…The picture is quite different for House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, whom half of all Americans identify as a political loser….

BWAAAAHAAAA!! Frakkin Pelosi WISHES she could EVAH be a QUARTER as popular as Hillary. HA! ‘Know Your Power’ AS IF!!!

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Hillary’s poll numbers up: Rise, Hillary, Rise



A new poll of avid news watchers shows that Secretary of State Hillary Clinton has a much higher approval rating than the man she once campaigned against and now works for, President Barack Obama.

In the poll of 800 registered voters who are self-identified “news watchers,” Clinton had a 75 percent approval rating and a 21 percent disapproval rating overall. Obama, in contrast, had a 51 percent approval and a 45 percent disapproval rating….

Clarus president Ron Faucheux said one reason for Clinton’s high poll numbers is her high approval among Republicans – numbers he said position her well to run for president again in the future, if she chooses.

Clinton had 96 percent approval among Democrats, a healthy 57 percent approval among Republicans, and 65 percent approval among Independents. Obama was nearly as popular among Democrats – 93 percent – but his numbers among Republicans and Independents fell off dramatically, at 19 percent and 33 percent respectively.

…“Republicans may see her as being more hawkish than other Democrats on foreign policy issues,” said Faucheux. “It may be a way for them to bolster that position within the administration.” Asked about any future Clinton presidential bid, he said, “She’s in good shape now.”….

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