Hillary greets Emperor of Japan, keeps spine straight like steel, announces help for our ally

This is how you do it.

Japanese Emperor Akihito and Empress Michiko greet U.S. Secretary of State Hillary Clinton prior to tea at the Imperial Palace Residence. Reuters.

Compare/Contrast with this~

weak spine, weak leadership

And she is having tea with them Mr Obama. Somehow I still don’t think that precludes her gaining foreign policy experience (despite the Obama Campaign comments to the contrary  in 08.  snarky bastards)

Interestingly, now the MFM are calling her MS. Clinton. Hmm. Maybe they are seeing her for herself finally. The international MFM anyway.

…In her prepared remarks, Ms. Clinton also stressed the strength of the U.S.-Japan military alliance, calling it a “cornerstone” of security in East Asia.

Japanese Foreign Minister Matsumoto thanked Ms. Clinton for the U.S. military’s disaster relief and recovery efforts. “We would like to express gratitude for working with us around the clock since the earthquake,” he said. Mr. Matsumoto added Japan would strive to provide full and transparent disclosure at home and abroad about the ongoing crisis at the Fukushima nuclear plant.

During an overnight trip to Seoul, Ms. Clinton met with South Korean President Lee Myung-bak and Foreign Minister Kim Sung-hwan, emphasizing economic connections rather than security ties. That appeared to signal the two countries are for the moment content with their relative strategies vis-à-vis North Korea….

And with BiBi~ yes Hillary would have been WORLDS APART from Obama on foreign policy with our sister Israel.

Hannity finally admitted last week on his show, Great American Panel portion, that he should not have started the ‘Stop Hillary Express’, that he was wrong. Yeah we hear that a lot. Sigh.

’16. Please Hillary. ’16.

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‘Key Largo’ in the WH press room ~ Big Dawg takes the podium

There was only 1 President at that lecturn yesterday and it showed.

Hint~ he didn’t ‘rush off’ to take his wife to a party, he stayed for 30 minutes of questions about taxes, the economy and Foreign Policy.

He didn’t act like he weas doing us a favor when he was POTUS and he still doesn’t. He is really passionate about what he thinks the country needs.

The other guy left for a party.

I turned on the TV and thought I was having a flashback or dreaming, there was Big Dawg passionately engaging the press on the US economy and what we need. He supports PAYROLL TAX CUTS as the best form of tax cuts to boost the economy. Thank you Bill.

Obama looked like the empty suit he is, just standing there, totally ineffectual as per usual.

We saw who the Great Communicator POTUS of our generation was/is, and his name is William Jefferson Clinton. As Krauthammer said, whoever suggested Bill take the podium is now no doubt off at their new assignment in the gulag.

Only someone as arrogant and narcissitic as Obama could possibly think it would be a good idea to bring out the Big Dawg into the press room to remind the American people of what a REAL DEMOCRATIC POTUS, a REAL CARING POTUS, an actual economically literate POTUS is like in that setting.

Bill rattled off all the information, EXTEMPORANEOUSLY, sans notes or TOTUS of course, totally engaging with the press. The sound of his ring thumping against the lecturn as he spoke brought back memories.

Sniff. I miss Bill.

We had it all baby, just like Bogey and Bacall…..

Click through if Sony wont let us listen to Bertie here!

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It’s Official~ Congratulations Chelsea and Marc !!!


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Best Wishes Chelsea and Marc! Congratulations Hillary and Bill!


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Uber-Snob Sally Quinn suggests using Hillary to save Obama in ’12 – heaven forefend!

Sally, Sally, Sally. As a Tea Party Patriot, recovering Democrat and Hillraiser let me enlighten you. We will never, ever, ever support Hillary lowering herself to run as VEEP with Obama in ’12.

And to think this comes from Sally Quinn, a woman who spent soo many years bashing Hill and Bill. Talk about the ‘audacity’ of a dope. From the outset of the Clinton Administration, Quinn felt Hillary’s lack of cocktail parties at the WH set her off as a Hillbilly. The Obama Versailles-like weekly events were ever so much more Sally’s style (nevermind how inappropriate they were in this economy).

But look, Obama is tanking in the polls! He is clearly over his head and looking ever more likely to lose in ’12.

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Hillary favorables/unfavorables outpoll Obama (and the GOP competition)…

Ahh what could have, what should have been.Whenever you are ready Hillary, millions of us are ready to support you.

Andrew Malcolm LATimes:

a new CNN/Opinion Research Poll has just revealed that even today Americans like that other Democrat more and dislike that other Democrat less than they do the incumbent Democratic president.

That other Democrat is, of course, Hillary Clinton, who fought and scratched her way mightily but unsuccessfully through those bitter, belligerent Democratic primaries and caucuses of 2008. The former first lady and current secretary of State professes no intra-mural interest in challenging her White House boss, as she must as long as she’s an administration team member.

The published CNN article focused on an Obama matchup with Sarah Palin. But within the data were Favorable/Unfavorable ratings for numerous prominent politicians of both parties. Here are the surprising new poll numbers for Clinton:

61% now think favorably of the former senator and only 35% unfavorably, both numbers improved from the 56% and 40% she had during the Democratic National Convention in late August of 2008….

How about Hill’s favorables/unfavorables vs the GOP frontrunners?

Clinton’s numbers also beat all other both Democrats and Republicans in the new poll…

…Among Republican names, Mike Huckabee’s favorable-unfavorable rating is 43-29; Mitt Romney 40-34; Newt Gingrich 38-38 (see his recent speech video here); and Sarah Palin 39-55, up from her other recent numbers. See Palin’s recent speech video right here.

Loyal Ticket readers may remember this item of ours from last December when USA Today and Gallup found the two most admired females in America were Clinton and Palin — and only 1% separated them….

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Hillary recognizes International Women’s Day

U.S. Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton remarks on International Women’s Day from the U.S. Department of State in Washington, DC March 8, 2010. Go to http://www.state.gov/video for text transcript and more video.

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UPDATE: Hillary announces relief for Haiti

Update: Courtesy of TL:

Via the State Department:

To help, text “HAITI” to “90999” and a donation of $10 will be given automatically to the Red Cross to help with relief efforts, charged to your cell phone bill. Or visit Red Cross and Mercy Corps to contribute. Also call 1-888-407-4747

Vodpod videos no longer available.

more about “Hillary announces relief for Haiti “, posted with vodpod

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