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Eric Massa D-NY Mendon Townhall - Honeoye Falls (WHEC)

Eric Massa D-NY Mendon Townhall - Honeoye Falls (WHEC)

WHEC local coverage:

…The health care debate in our area got heated. We haven’t seen a discussion this intense in a public forum in a long time. The country is in the middle of a historic debate on the future of health care. The government is poised to vote on a new bill very soon. The debate came to Mendon and the sleepy suburb got fired up.It was an overflow crowd and even before it started, people were already fighting for their side. “The government can’t run anything,” one man yelled. “Don’t start. Don’t start,” another reacted….

“will you pledge to us that you will be among the first to sign up you and your family?” one man asked to applause. Massa said he turned down the government health care coverage. “Neither me my family or children receive that benefit, nor will I ever until we solve this problem,” Massa said.

One man was upset because he thinks abortion will be covered. “And you know that! How can you say that?” he screamed. Massa answered, “There is nothing in this bill, nothing, about abortion.”

How do these Critters keep claiming they have read the bill and then deny what the bill does? He is defending ONE of the three bills. Didn’t Sen. Mikulski D-MD admit the a bill WOULD cover abortion?

….Republican Sen. Orrin Hatch of Utah quietly asked the necessary questions. Pointing to the language mandating that health insurers participating in government “gateways” must include “essential community providers,” Hatch asked: “Would that include abortion providers? I mean it looks to me like you’re expanding it to where you — well, say for instance, like Planned Parenthood. Would that put them into this system?”

Mikulski was evasive….

Massa’s position on the bill now:

..Congressman Massa asys if he had to vote on the health care bill right now — he’d probably vote no. He doesn’t like the changes it makes to Medicare. He doesn’t like the cost-sharing aspect — where New York will pick up about 10% of the cost. But if those change, Massa says he’s inclined to support the bill….

Update: next Massa townhall listed:

More than 500 people came to the Mendon Community Center in Honeoye Falls on Thursday for the first of Rep. Eric Massa’s meetings on health care reform.

Massa, D-Corning, answered questions during the outdoor forum, which included many sharp comments both in favor of and against bills that are before Congress.

Another meeting will be held at 5:30 p.m. Aug. 26 at Perinton Community Center, 1350 Turk Hill Road.

Notice suddenly journOlists are appearing at all the townhalls. Even with all the Obama love in their elitist hearts, the reporters have trouble ignoring the majority does not want this plan….


…He wasn’t shouted down or chased to his car. But freshman Rep. Eric Massa (D-N.Y.) still felt the heat during a two-hour health care town hall meeting Thursday night.The fervor came from both sides, although opponents to Democrats’ health reform efforts appeared to outnumber the supporters. Opponents asked him to tell House Speaker Nancy Pelosi that “we are not Nazis.” Supporters urged him to push harder for a single-payer national health plan.

Pro and con, they spoke with emotion about personal experiences.  “We really don’t trust the government,” said one man who said his father received poor treatment in the Veterans Administration health system.

“I’m scared. I’m scared s—-less,” said a small business owner who said she can’t afford health care for herself or her two employees….


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