Supernatural’s Eric Kripke: we talked about a spin-off for the Colt, a Horror-Western plus Sneak Peeks of tonight’s episode – 5.10 ‘Abandon All Hope’

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Horror-Western based on The Colt?! Oh that would be AWESOME!!! I want ! gimme gimme!

Story of the Colt courtesy of cuttoothom:


(…)So what’s so special about this gun besides having some cool special features, including a little Latin inscription that means, “I will fear no evil,” and a pentagram on the handle? Well, Supernatural creator Eric Kripke admitted last year that he and his writers have dabbled with the idea of giving the Colt its own series.

“When the writers and I are procrastinating in the room, we sometimes discuss a possible Supernatural spinoff, … a prequel that relates the adventures of Samuel Colt and the band of hunters who roamed the Old West. As I said, I consider Supernatural a kind of modern-day western, so it’d be cool to go all the way with it, and make an actual horror western. And I like the idea that the Supernatural universe is a fleshed-out one with a history that goes back centuries. Who knows, maybe one day I’ll be able to tell that story?”..

Go read the whole piece for scoop on tonight’s mid-season cliffhanger….

Clip 2 of 5.10 after the break:


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