Update: Reid:deal reached on expanding homebuyer tax credit–UE vote within 24 hours; Unemployment Extension Update: Reid now trying to put homebuyer tax credit back in UE bill?? Senate to proceed to UE bill @930am EST; Bill passes cloture 87-13

Update 5: 11/2 newer new thread following UE vote here

Update 4: New thread following UE vote here

Update 3: 430pm EST: Breaking on CNBC- Diana Olick says Harry Reid’s office confirms a deal has been reached on the homebuyers tax credit, It WILL BE EXPANDED AND EXTENDED to include more than 1st time buyers, and IT WILL BE ATTACHED TO THE UE EXTENSION BILL

Reid says he expects a vote on said UE bill WITHIN 24 HOURS.

More as it becomes available…

(Diana Olick’s RealtyCheckBlog, earlier compromise report with details, details moved to Housing Update post.)


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Update: House passes bill: Unemployment: House to consider McDermott UE Extension Bill this week…

Update: 10/5: Schumer says Senate will extend UE this week see here for update

Update: 9/22/09 7:43 pm EST: The bill, HR 3548 passes the House:

Jobless workers in imminent danger of losing their unemployment benefits would get a 13-week reprieve under legislation approved by the House on Tuesday.

The House bill, which applies to 27 states plus the District of Columbia and Puerto Rico with unemployment rates of 8.5 percent or higher, would add to the already-record levels of benefits that have been available to the jobless as the country struggles to recover from its prolonged economic malaise.

It would not, however, give any extra benefits to the longtime unemployed in states that have lower levels of joblessness, including Nebraska, North Dakota and Utah.

The bill passed easily, 331-83, although the two parties cast the measure in different lights. Democrats said the relief was still needed despite positive signs that their policies were reviving the economy. Republicans said the high jobless rate proved that the Obama administration’s economic strategies weren’t working.

Now the Senate has to pass ITS bill:  ‘Similar legislation is pending in the Senate.’

Our previous post on the bill here

A scaled down McDermott (D-WA) sponsored UE extension bill to be considered by the House this week.


The measure sponsored by Rep. Jim McDermott , D-Wash., would allow 13 extra weeks of benefits for workers in states where the unemployment rate has surpassed 8.5 percent. That would come on top of the emergency extensions approved in last year’s supplemental spending bill and this year’s stimulus.

What it covers: (continues after the break):


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