Horror: YARM: I Saw What You Did….

More YARM, but at least it’s GOOD yarm! I initially thought they were already remaking I Know What You Did Last Summer and was all Wha?!?!

But Dark Castle is actually remaking the William Castle Classic- “I Saw What You Did ..and I Know Who You Are” with Joan Crawford….

Courtesy of RETROvision, (the complete 80s remake is up on Youtube as well, see johnm001, Part 1 of 10 below)


..Joel Silver’s Dark Castle is developing the horror movie I Saw What You Did, a remake of the 1965 William Castle-directed I Saw What You Did and I Know Who You Are!, Variety reported. Patrick Lussier and Todd Farmer will write, and Lussier will direct.

The original Castle movie, which starred Joan Crawford, was based on the Ursula Curtis novel Out of the Dark and revolved around two girls who innocently pass the time making prank phone calls to unsuspecting people until they call the wrong guy….

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