Tiger Woods: About Last Night

Loved this movie back in the day. EXCELLENT soundtrack.  Man it was good being 17, lol. Tiger Woods admits he is a cheater and didn’t live up to his standards. This after women came out of the woodwork saying hell yeah he is a cheater. Another guy who seemingly has it all and it isn’t enough. Well God Bless his family, hope they are nicer to his wife then they were to Hillary.

Oh spare me. Tiger is whining that his personal issues should not require a press release. Guess you should’ve thought of that before you became the most famous athlete in the world and made bazillions eh Tiger? Maybe you shouldn’t have driven into a frakkin tree then. Spare me.  YOU are famous YOU make millions for it YOU need to deal with the tabloids. FOX is playing the audio tape of Tiger whispering into his cell to his 3 yr mistress to change her answering machine message to leave out her name since his wife took his phone and may call the number. Unreal.

Vodpod videos no longer available.


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