Health Care Update: call your critters!

Update: Sen Jon Kyl (R-AZ) on the opt out


Blanche Lincoln AR (202) 224-4843 (202) 228-1371 Democrat

Kent Conrad ND (202) 224-2043 (202) 224-7776 Democrat

Olympia Snowe ME (202) 224-5344 (202) 224-1946 Republican

Ron Wyden OR (202) 224-5244 (202) 228-2717 Democrat

Update from MM -Reid’s ‘big’ announcement, the opt out that isnt an opt out:

(…)3:21pm Eastern. Reid announces “public option” with state “opt-out” provision until 2014. UPDATE: The option is supposedly to allow states to opt out through 2014, the CBO could never score it?!  How would states decie year to year if they were in or out? How would it be funded if states could just walk away anytime from now to 2014?

Reid says he will send to CBO in next few hours “a number of…anyway, proposals.”

“Public option has been talked about a lot. It’s something I believe in…I think it’s important that the matter we work on in the Senate have a public option.”

Reid talked to Snowe, who is opposed to any kind of public option. “We’ll have to move forward and hope she sees the wisdom of public option.” Reid describes Snowe as “frightened.”

Asked to explain how exactly state opt-out would work, Reid provides no specifics.

Reid says “there will be a co-op in this bill.”

Reid whines about lack of “moderate” Republicans. “I can count them on two fingers.”

Reminder of the tax rates coming under the health care bills, before any VAT they try to ram through, call your critters! Especially call Sen Ben Nelson, Sen Olympia Snowe, Sen Dorgan, Sen Bayh, AND SEN BLANCHE LINCOLN! the mod Dems IOW:


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